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The average household is more likely to open a larger coloured envelope as they stand out from the rest of the mail they receive. There are three common sizes of envelopes that we sell here at Papermilldirect which are perfect for your business’s needs.

C6- 114mm x 162mm- These envelopes are designed for A6 pieces of paper and card, A5 card and paper folded in half or A4 paper folded into equal quarters.

C6 Envelopes

C5- 162mm x 229mm- These envelopes are designed for A5 pieces of card and paper or A4 paper folded in half. This size envelope is perfect for sending out letters and is the most popular sized envelope to be used for direct marketing.

C5 Envelopes

DL- 114mm x 220mm- DL envelopes are made to fit A4 pieces of card and paper folded into three equal parts.

Dl Envelopes


Coloured envelopes are more encouraging for people to open than the more traditional coloured ones, such as white and brown. Therefore if you use coloured envelopes within your direct marketing campaigns or business mail the contents are more likely to be read. Here at papermilldirect we have four colour ranges for you to choose from: Essentials and Colours, Pearlised, Metallic and Patterned envelopes.

Coloured Envelopes


Pocket Envelopes - Pocket Envelopes have the opening flap positioned the short edge side of the envelope.

Wallet Envelopes- Wallet envelopes have a trapezium shaped flap positioned on the long edge of an envelope. Our peel and seal range of envelopes are wallet envelopes.

Banker Envelopes- Banker envelopes have a diamond shaped flap on the long edge of an envelope. These envelopes are most commonly used for greetings cards.

Pocket Wallet Banker


Removing any obstacles to the opening of your envelopes will help in creating a successful direct marketing campaign. Choosing the right seal on your envelopes is essential to this.

Peel And Seal- Peel and seal envelopes have a narrow band of adhesive on the flap under tape. Once the tape has been released from the flap to reveal a strip of latex it is pressed down to form an instant bond.

Our peel and seal envelopes use a Powerseal which is great for sending important and confidential documents in as you know the seal is safe and secure as the seal acts as a tamper proof security seal and it is impossible to open the envelope without tearing the flap.

Gummed- Gummed envelopes have a water soluble gum attached to the flap, once moist the flap will seal. This seal is the most common sealing method used on envelopes.

Peel And Seal Gummed

Choosing the envelope that works best for your business may involve measuring conversion rates based on the types of envelope involved in your business mailing and direct marketing campaigns.

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