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Grey Envelopes

Grey envelopes may not be the most vibrant style of envelope we have within our craft envelopes range, but they certainly are a classy choice when it comes to something like wedding stationery. Papermilldirect sell the best assortment of quality grey envelope packages that you’ll find in the UK, and we also distribute to Europe. We’re committed to bringing you a diverse array of envelopes that will do justice to the handmade cards or invitations that they enclose. When we say ‘grey envelopes’, there’s a lot more to it than that, and plenty to meet your preferences.

Choose Between C5, C6 & DL Envelope Packs in Grey

A lot of our grey envelope packs are brought to you in DL sizes, as the subdued colouration makes them ideally suited for more formal correspondence. However, you’ll also find C5 and C6 sizes in our stock, as well as grey envelopes from our patterned range, which display the aesthetics of granite and pebble beaches. Those envelopes from our Peel and Seal collection come with power seals and shelf lives of 5 years, as well as quality weight paper. Our brand is dedicated to the provision of the best envelopes, and we therefore choose to sell only the products that will best meet your needs.

Buy Luxury & Value Grey Envelopes from Papermilldirect Today

Because we believe in offering as much choice as possible, our grey envelope packs come in both luxury and value styles. The former is just perfect for when you want to really go to town and make your envelopes just as much a part of your craft project as the thing they enclose, while the latter are great for when you might be thinking of sticking to a tighter budget. On the subject of saving, Papermilldirect also offer FREE delivery on all orders of £60 or more to the UK mainland, and because of our vast collection of craft supplies you should have no difficulty making up your order. If you’d like a little inspiration to help you decide on what to add to your bulk order, our Facebook and Twitter pages would be great places to visit, along with our tutorials area and blog. Our creative experts are constantly coming up with new craft ideas for you to follow along with, so if you’re stuck for ideas then you can count on us to help. If your question is more related to our services, then be sure to take a look at our help page, or of course you can get in touch with us as well. Call our team on 01539 735252. Our phonelines are open between the hours of 9.30am – 5pm Monday – Friday, and we’ll be happy to assist with your query.