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If you're looking for that finishing touch to your project, then look no further!

Our Luxury Envelopes are made from the highest quality paper and are available in a variety of colours, not to mention shapes and sizes!

For those of you on a budget, then try out our Value Envelopes: still a very good quality but an even better price!

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Metallic Envelopes

Metallic envelopes are a way to make a more elaborate statement with your latest craft project, and go a long way towards finishing off the effect of a beautiful card design. They’re also great for making a good impression when you’re sending wedding invites or RSVP’ing, as they bring just the right amount of glitz and sparkle to the table, and Papermilldirect brings you a wide selection.

Our metallic envelopes can be purchased in either gold or silver colourations, and our ‘Creative Colour Peel and Seal’ collection boasts especially vivid and vibrant shades, so you can count upon some variety even within just the hues of gold and silver.  

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All of our metallic envelopes are made from high quality paper, but our luxury range is especially strong in this area, also being available in various shapes and sizes ranging from C5 to C7, depending on what size of letter or card you need them to contain. However, you can choose from our value envelope designs too, which let you enjoy an even better price on a product that’s still very good quality. Just select what you want from the filter on the left of the page, and you’ll soon find the pack that will best meet your needs.  

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If you’d like further information about our metallic envelope packs, be sure to visit our help page, or just get in touch with our friendly team if your query isn’t covered there. We’re open Mon-Fri 9.30 am – 5 pm, so give us a call on 01539 735252. We’ll be delighted to give you a helping hand!

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