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Luxury C5 Envelopes

Papermilldirect supply Value and Luxury C5 envelopes in a variety of styles and colours. C5 is perhaps one of the most commonly-used types of envelope, with untold thousands of envelopes sent around the world every day. Because of how ubiquitous they are, it can be tempting to just buy C5 envelopes from any old provider, but you definitely shouldn’t go down that route. C5 wedding envelopes for invitations or RSVPs see regular use, and therefore you should prioritise the very best craft envelopes on good quality paper weights that will provide all the glitz and glamour you need. 

Buy C5 Envelopes for Weddings & More

C5 envelopes are great choices for greeting cards and invitations, and are purposely made to enclose something that is around the same size as a sheet of A5 paper. The dimensions of these envelopes are 162mm x 229mm, which is plenty roomy enough to house a larger inclusion that is folded to A5 size (such as your typical A4 sheet). At papermilldirect, we stock numerous colours of envelopes, including very popular shades of gold, pink, silver, ivory, green and more. The gold and silver envelopes are available with a metallic sheen, and other pearlescent styles are on offer too. This means that you can create the exact theme that you want. Our Peel and Seal ranges are crafted from quality 120gsm weight paper, and possess a 5-year shelf life, so they’re also built to store well.

Contact papermilldirect to Purchase Quality C5 Envelopes

Papermilldirect brings you a great deal of variety when it comes to our luxury C5 envelopes, but did you know that we can also offer you a Value range at an even more competitive price tag as well? If you’re on a tight budget, then this is definitely a great option to consider, as is our offer of FREE delivery to the UK mainland for all orders of £60 and over. Because of our huge selection of craft supplies, craft paper and cards, all of which is perfect for complementing our envelopes, making up your order to this amount should be easy, so making a saving couldn’t be more straightforward.

If you’ve still got questions about our C5 envelopes or would like further information, just call our team on 01539 735252 Monday – Friday between the hours of 9.30am and 5pm. Alternatively, you can visit our help page too, as this contains plenty of resources that may be of use to you. If your enquiry relates to you needing a few craft ideas, our innovative team have got you covered there too, as our tutorials, blog, Twitter and Facebook pages contain numerous fantastic workshops to stimulate your creativity.