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Purple Envelopes

Purple envelopes from Papermilldirect, one of the UK’s leading stockists of craft envelopes and craft supplies, are a great way to put the finishing touch to your craft project. Purple has long possessed an association with sophistication or the regal, and is even associated with occasions like Christmas and Easter, so there are a lot of times when a purple envelope is going to be the ideal choice for something like a handmade card or invitation. Within our stock, you’ll find a variant of purple coloured envelope to suit every requirement and preference, and all are extremely high in quality.

Browse a Huge Range of C6 & C5 Purple Envelopes

Papermilldirect is committed to bringing you the envelopes that will best meet your needs, and that’s why we have plenty of popular C5 and C6 purple envelopes, as it’s these sizes that are most commonly used to house things like cards or invitations. These envelopes will house something that’s folded to A5 or A6 sizes respectively, and they also come in shades that include blackcurrant, violet, plum, periwinkle, lavender, boysenberry and more to make sure they look great too. Our Peel and Seal collection possesses especially vibrant colours, as well as 120 gsm weight paper and 5-year shelf life, so they’re the perfect option when you need a quality envelope for a long-term project.

Buy Value & Luxury Purple Envelope Packs from Papermilldirect

As well as quality, the Papermill team also love to bring you maximum affordability, and because of that – and in addition to our luxury purple envelopes – you can also buy Value envelopes to make an even bigger saving. If you place a large enough order to benefit from our FREE delivery service (applicable for all orders over £60 to the UK mainland), then you stand to get an even better value deal. If you need a few more craft ideas to help you qualify for free delivery, then our tutorials, blog, Facebook and Twitter pages are excellent places to look for inspiration, as our creative experts are constantly posting innovative new ways to use our products, as well as step by step guides.

If you’re left still with questions about any of our purple envelopes, and our help page doesn’t point you towards the answer to your query, feel free to give us a call on 01539 735252 between the hours of 9.30am – 5pm  Monday – Friday, or contact our team online. Your satisfaction is our foremost priority, so the team at Papermilldirect will be happy to assist.