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Staedtler are one of the oldest industrial companies in Germany. Nuremburg has a long-standing tradition of pencil-making, and Staedtler pencils are some of the most innovative in the world.

Staedtler claims that they ‘give form to the ideas of people the whole world over’ – due to the action of reaching for a pencil or pen being the first thing that tends to happen when someone has an idea – and they’re certainly not short of ideas when it comes to their sketching pencils and colour pens.

Papermilldirect stock traditional Staedtler sketching and colouring pencil sets, along with watercolour pencils, and also permanent marker, metallic, fibre tip and fineliner pens, so whatever sort of pencil or pen you need for your project, our fantastic selection of products is where you need to look.

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