How To Make A Basset Hound Easter Bunny Using A Die Cutter Or Scalpel


Posted on 22nd March 2018 by Jennifer Squire
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Materials and equipment needed to make your hound: 

Card for the hound: 

For the card and background: 

  • Die cutter, (if using)
  • Scalpel
  • Cutting mat 
  • Fine nib glue pen 
  • Drawing paper and pencil 

First of all you do a sketch of a basset hound sitting front towards the viewer. You can use my sketch or find an image from the internet to print out and copy. 

Basset Dog Image One

From the sketch you trace out the different parts on to paper. If you are using a die cutter you then scan the image into the machine and you have your separate parts. On the image that follows I have labelled all the traced out parts with card colour to make it a bit easier also allowing you to use it as a reference through out the process. If you are using a scapel you can trace the images straight on to the card colour you have selected. 

Basset Image2

First of all you cut out your white main outline of the dog.

Then you cut out your black card sides, left and right. 

Basset Image4

Then you stick the black sides on the right and left. You can see on the image where to position them. 

Basset Image5

Once the sides are glued on you cut out and stick on your lower right and left back leg in the white card, see image six for positioning.

Basset Image6

Then you cut out your left and right legs in the mocha brown card

Basset Image7

In the previous image it shows that to the left side of the scalpel is the left leg. You stick the middle cut out on top of the lower one. 

Basset Image8

Stick the top onto the middle one. You then repeat this with the right leg cut outs. 

Basset Image9

Once you have your completed legs you can place and stick them on to the main body of the hound. 

Basset Image10

Then you cut out your lower chest in the white card. Image two will help you locate the exact part. 

Basset Image11

Then you stick it on using the dangly middle bit to line it up with the middle of the main body of the hound. 

Basset Image12

Then you cut out the top chest in the buff smooth card and stick this on top of the lower white chest. 

Basset Image13

You can then move on to cutting out your head parts. The mocha brown face, the black bottom lip, the black lower lip, the black top lip and the black nose. The terms I have used here reference back to image 2 so you can see what they are. 

Basset Image14

First stick on the black bottom lip.

Basset Image15

Then glue on the black lower lip

Basset Image16

Then stick the black top lip lining up the lips with the bottom of the face, see the next image. 

Basset Image17

When sticking on the nose you want to leave a gap between the bottom of the nose and lip, pushing the top of the nose up a bit from the top lip.

Basset Image18

You then want to cut out the brown mocha under face chest and then cut out the white under face chest. You then stick the white on top of the brown placing the dip on top of the dip to get the right line

Basset Iamge19

Then you get the face and stick it on top of the white and brown chest, see next image for exact position 

Basset Image20

You then stick the head and chest on to the main body 

Basset Image21

Once the chest is glued, cut out the left and right ears in the mocha brown. 

Basset Image22

Then you stick them on using the white outline of the ears on the main body as a guide. 

Basset Image23

You then cut out the white marking, best described as the wishbone, in white card. 

Basset Image24

Stick the wishbone on to the head using the top of the head as a guide, then next image shows the exact position. 

Basset Image25

Once done, you cut out the eyes for the hound. On the reference page you can see exactly what these images look like. 

Basset Image27

Once completed you stick them onto your hound. Then you cut out the eyebrows using the buff smooth card. 

Basset Image28

Then stick them on a little above the eyes. 

Basset Image29

For the bunny ears you cut out the ear using the white card and the inner ear using the baby pink card. 

Basset Image30

Then stick them on.

Basset Image31

You then place them behind the basset dog's head gluing the bottom of them before placing, to check exact position see next image. And there you have your hound! 

Basset Image32

I placed my hound onto a piece of folded blue card and cut out a yellow border.

Basset Cover3

Then cut out some writing. Your background design is totally up to you. I hope you enjoyed making your basset hound and I hope that you all have a lovely Easter.

Basset Cover1

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