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Orange Envelopes

Papermilldirect stock a huge variety of high quality orange envelopes to meet your every need, and our range is one of the most comprehensive in the whole of the UK. As a premium supplier of craft envelopes and craft supplies, our orange envelopes are intended to be suitable for wedding or party invitations, as well as handmade greeting cards, so they’re as much a part of your project as their contents. We’re very proud of our reputation for first-class customer service, and that’s why our orange envelope packs are brought to you in sizes, style and shades that we know you’ll love from experience.

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Orange C5 envelopes are perhaps the most popular variant in our collection, as they enclose anything that has been folded to A5 size, which typically covers many cards and invitations. However, DL envelopes (standard letter envelopes designed to house an A4 sheet folded 3 times), C6 (for A6 contents) and square envelopes are also on offer to make sure you have plenty of sizes to choose from. There are numerous shades too, including pumpkin and marmalade orange, as well as pearlescent amber, tenne and copper, so whatever aesthetic you want for a project our orange envelopes can help to create it. Styles like our Peel and Seal envelopes are also manufactured on heavier 120gsm paper and possess a 5-year shelf life, so they’re intended to store well if needed.

Buy Orange Envelopes in Luxury & Value Designs from Papermilldirect

What sets Papermilldirect apart is our commitment to providing exactly what you – the customer – need. That’s why we bring you Value orange envelopes as well as luxury designs, allowing you to prioritise sticking to a budget or opting for the highest possible quality as you prefer. If you’re definitely looking to maximise your savings, then ordering in bulk can help you to qualify for FREE delivery, as long as your order is to be delivered to the UK mainland and costs £60 or more. If you need some inspiration to help you reach this threshold, then just take a look at our tutorials, blog, Twitter, and Facebook pages and you’ll soon be buzzing with ideas for your next few projects.

If you still have a question about our orange envelopes and can’t find the answer on our help page, then you’re welcome to contact us online, or give our team a call on 01539 735252 between the hours of 9.30am – 5pm on weekdays. We’d be delighted to help you however we can.