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If you're looking for that finishing touch to your project, then look no further!

Our Luxury Envelopes are made from the highest quality paper and are available in a variety of colours, not to mention shapes and sizes!

For those of you on a budget, then try out our Value Envelopes: still a very good quality but an even better price!

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Coloured Envelopes

Coloured envelope packs are eye-catching and stylish, and are perhaps the best way to make sure that, after all that hard work and dedication creating a handmade card, wedding invitation or something similar, your envelope definitely doesn’t let down the aesthetic of your overall creation.

Featuring luxury envelopes in every colour of the rainbow, Papermilldirect have a product that can match your every need, formal or informal, decorative or functional. At Papermilldirect, we like to think that we have a craft product for every eventuality, and that’s why have such a lot of diversity among our envelopes, enabling you to put the finishing touch to even the most personal of projects.

Luxury Envelopes Available in a Variety of Colours

We have a full range of sizes when it comes to our coloured envelopes, including square envelopes, and DL, C5, C6 and C7 patterns to house folded A4 sheets. What’s more, we have various finishes and effects as well, including pearlised envelopes with a silvery sheen and metallic envelopes. Our ‘Creative Colour Peel and Seal’ range even come with benefits like inside seams, a shelf life of 5 years and powerseals, so you’re guaranteed quality. In fact, our luxury envelopes are created from the very best paper. If you’re on a budget, though, you can forego a little of this and buy coloured envelopes from our value range, which yields even lower priced products that are still good quality.

Buy Coloured Envelope Packs from Papermilldirect

Buy coloured envelopes from Papermilldirect according to your specific needs: just use the filter on this page to find exactly what you need. These envelopes also go great with our pick and mix boxes, and combining a few products is a fantastic way to take advantage of our service for FREE delivery on all orders over £60 to the UK mainland. The two products in tandem are ideal for card making, and we even have some handy tutorials to give you some pointers for getting started on this.

If you’d like to know more about the different coloured envelope packs that we stock, we’d recommend visiting our help page, or you can get in touch with us by calling 01539 735252 between 9.30 am – 5 pm Mon-Fri.

Our friendly and creative team are always happy to talk about our craft supplies, and you can find plenty of ideas and input from us on our various blog and social media channels too, including Twitter and Facebook.