Pick & Mix Pearlised

Select a range of colours from our range in one box.

It does what it says on the Box, you pick what you want from our beautiful range and mix it in your box! Available in various box sizes.

A4 Small Box A4 Small Box
Approx. 65 sheets/box
5 picks/box
A4 Mega Box A4 Mega Box
Approx. 570 sheets/box
10 picks/box
A4 Midi Box A4 Midi Box
Approx. 222 sheets/box
6 picks/box
A2 Box A2 Box
Approx. 10 sheets/box
10 picks/box
A1 Box A1 Box
Approx. 5 sheets/box
5 picks/box
A6 (148 x105mm) Small Box A6 (148 x105mm) Small Box
Approx. 260 sheets/box
5 picks/box
A6 (148 x105mm) Midi Box A6 (148 x105mm) Midi Box
Approx. 1040 sheets/box
6 picks/box
A6 (148 x105mm) Mega Box A6 (148 x105mm) Mega Box
Approx. 2280 sheets/box
10 picks/box
A5 Small Box A5 Small Box
Approx. 130 sheets/box
5 picks/box
A5 Midi Box A5 Midi Box
Approx. 520 sheets/box
6 picks/box
A5 Mega Box A5 Mega Box
Approx. 1140 sheets/box
10 picks/box
A3 Box A3 Box
Approx. 65 sheets/box
5 picks/box

Paper and card is a forte of papermilldirect, but sometimes it can be tricky to choose what style, colour, weight or size of paper you actually want. In these cases, one of our pick and mix boxes is a great choice to make, as it lets you take advantage of our variety of papers and cards all within one box. Our pearlised pick and mix boxes are a great addition to this flexible service.

Just like our standard pick and mix boxes, our pearlised pick and mix packages let you customise what is included within your box, right down to sheet size, weight, texture, quantity of picks and more.

Our pearlized boxes come in small, midi and mega sizes, allowing you to order a box that contains between 80 and 2580 sheets of paper or card, as well as extra thick card sheets if you want.

Mix & Match Your Pearlised Boxes with papermilldirect

Pearlised paper and card is sometimes known as ‘pearlescent’, which means that it’s great for adding a little additional “wow” factor to your craft projects. However, just because the finish is consistent doesn’t mean that the colours are, as you can choose from a variety of lustre print shades (as well as more natural colourations) within your box.

Depending on the size of your box, you can amass between 5 and 10 different picks per box, so you could even order the same pearlised box option multiple times and the paper and card contained within would never necessarily be the same as the time before.

Buy Pearlised Pick & Mix Boxes from papermilldirect

If you order some of our larger pearlised pick and mix boxes, it’s likely that your order will be taken near the threshold for FREE delivery. We usually offer this as standard for all orders over £60 in mainland UK addresses, and it’s a great way to take advantage of our competitive offers.

If you’d like more information about our pearlescent box deals, get in touch with our friendly team today by giving us a call on 01539 735252. Our help page also contains some extra details about our stock too, so it’s well worth a look.

As if that weren’t enough, a visit to our blog page and tutorials section may give you some ideas as to how you can put our paper and card to best use, as we’re always posting about the new ideas that our creative design team come up with. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for even more news.