Pick & Mix Boxes

Select a range of colours from our range in one box.

It does what it says on the Box, you pick what you want from our beautiful range and mix it in your box! Available in various box sizes.

A1 A1
Approx. 5 sheets/box
5 picks/box
A2 A2
Approx. 10 sheets/box
10 picks/box
A4 Small Box A4 Small Box
Approx. 80 sheets/box
5 picks/box
A4 Midi Box A4 Midi Box
Approx. 260 sheets/box
6 picks/box
A4 Mega Box A4 Mega Box
Approx. 645 sheets/box
10 picks/box
A3 Box A3 Box
Approx. 80 sheets/box
5 picks/box
A5 Small Box A5 Small Box
Approx. 160 sheets/box
5 picks/box
A5 Midi Box A5 Midi Box
Approx. 520 sheets/box
6 picks/box
A5 Mega Box A5 Mega Box
Approx. 1290 sheets/box
10 picks/box
A6 Small Box A6 Small Box
Approx. 320 sheets/box
5 picks/box
A6 Midi Box A6 Midi Box
Approx. 1040 sheets/box
6 picks/box
A6 Mega Box A6 Mega Box
Approx. 2580 sheets/box
10 picks/box

Papermilldirect specialise in superb quality craft card and paper, and our pick and mix service lets you take advantage of our entire range of colours, textures and weights – all within one handy box!

Our pick and mix card and paper boxes really do exactly what you’d expect them to; they let you choose the card and paper types that you want, and these products are then delivered to you all within the one box.

We have small, midi and mega box sizes on offer, and each lets you select a different number of paper and card varieties – from 5 picks to 10 picks. This means that each box will contain between 80 to 2580 sheets, depending on the size of the sheets in question.

Choose What You Want & Mix It in Your Box

Our pick and mix boxes can incorporate A4, A5 and A6 sheets, and you can also pick from extra thick card, as well as standard paper and card sheets. What’s more, our colour spectrum is absolutely huge, giving you maximum choice to create something truly unique.

As well as the standard pick and mix boxes, you can also mix and match with our pearlised card and paper sheets too, as we have a vast assortment of available boxes for this style as well.

Pick & Mix the Way You Want with Papermilldirect

Our pick and mix boxes are a fantastic way to take advantage of our array of paper and card styles. Don’t forget that Papermilldirect offer FREE standard delivery upon all orders over £60 to most UK addresses, and it’s easy to get to this amount with our pick and mix boxes; especially if you order a mega box.

If you still have any questions about our pick and mix boxes, feel free to contact our friendly team today by calling 01539 735252. You can also look at our help page to get some more information regarding our stock. If you’d like some ideas on how to use the paper and card varieties within your pick and mix box, we also recommend that you pay a visit to our blog page and tutorials section, as we regularly post new resources to help you add to your existing skills or broaden your range of ideas. You can also keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter.