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Luxury DL Envelopes

Luxury DL envelopes are one of the many sizes of envelope that you can buy here at papermilldirect. A DL envelope typically measures 110mm x 220mm and is considered to be the standard choice for a “letter envelope”, such as when a sheet of A4 paper folded into two or three equal sections needs to be housed. However, despite being a common envelope, suitable for use in offices, universities or schools, you’ll find that our range is still created according to the highest standards, being manufactured from quality 120gsm paper and conforming to the very popular Peel and Seal pattern.

Buy DL Envelopes for Weddings, Craft Projects & More

Papermilldirect supplies envelopes of this quality so that, if you need DL envelopes for something like a wedding, you can choose from our range knowing that any envelope is going to exceed your expectations. You can also select from a wealth of different colours to suit to the mood or craft project theme that you’re trying to create. Some of our most purchased colours tend to be classic ivory, gold, silver, pink and green DL envelopes, but the pigment in all of our options is vivid and vibrant enough to put the finishing touches to even the most professional of projects. If you need a bit of inspiration for said projects, then papermilldirect is here for you in that respect too, as our tutorials, blog, Facebook and Twitter pages have plenty of innovative ideas from our craft experts.

Contact Papermilldirect for a Variety of DL Envelopes

At papermilldirect, we aim to bring you a quality product at the best possible price. To further that goal, our craft envelopes are available in Value patterns as well as Luxury styles, allowing you to make an even more fantastic saving without compromising on quality. Whichever you choose, you can rest assured of a superb delivery service, with FREE delivery to the UK mainland on all orders of more than £60. You’ll find plenty of other great examples of craft paper and card in our stocks to round out your order too, so be sure to take advantage of this great way to make a saving.

If you would like more information about our Value or Luxury DL envelopes, then feel free to contact the friendly team at papermilldirect. We stay open Monday – Friday between the hours of 9.30am and 5pm, so be sure to drop us a phone call on 01539 735252. Alternatively, you can take a look at our help page and see if your question has already been answered there. We look forward to hearing from you.