Pick & Mix

Select different weights and colours of paper/card in one box.

It does what it says on the Box, you pick what you want from our fantastic range and mix it in your box!

Popular Sizes

A4 Small Box A4 Small Box
Approx. 80 sheets/box
5 picks/box
A4 Midi Box A4 Midi Box
Approx. 260 sheets/box
6 picks/box
A4 Mega Box A4 Mega Box
Approx. 645 sheets/box
10 picks/box
A3 Box A3 Box
Approx. 80 sheets/box
5 picks/box

Other Sizes

A6 Small Box A6 Small Box
Approx. 320 sheets/box
5 picks/box
A6 Midi Box A6 Midi Box
Approx. 1040 sheets/box
6 picks/box
A6 Mega Box A6 Mega Box
Approx. 2580 sheets/box
10 picks/box
A5 Small Box A5 Small Box
Approx. 160 sheets/box
5 picks/box
A5 Midi Box A5 Midi Box
Approx. 520 sheets/box
6 picks/box
A5 Mega Box A5 Mega Box
Approx. 1290 sheets/box
10 picks/box

Pearlised Card

Give your project that extra “wow” factor with Pearlised paper & card!

Pick & Mix Pearlised

Your choice of pearlised in A4 and A3. From £22

Packs of Pearlised

Same gorgeous pearlised but in small packs. From £3.50

Packs of Paper & Card

Choose from our full range of colours and sizes from A4 to A1 & 12x12!

Packs ofPaper & Card

Select a pack from our extensive range
From £2.75

12x12 Packs of card

Pick from our range of beautiful colours.
From £2.75