Craft Paper & Card

Papermilldirect specialises in providing the highest quality craft paper and card possible, directly to you. Our full selection of card making paper is available to browse and buy online, so please feel free to have a click around and get some inspiration for your next project.

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Pick & Mix

Select different weights, colours and textures of craft paper or card in one box.

It does what it says on the box – pick whatever you like from our fantastic range of card making paper and mix it in your box!

A1 Pick & Mix Boxes A1 Pick & Mix Boxes
Approx. 5 sheets/box
5 picks/box
A2 Pick & Mix Boxes A2 Pick & Mix Boxes
Approx. 10 sheets/box
10 picks/box
12x12" Pick & Mix Boxes 12x12" Pick & Mix Boxes
Approx. 80 sheets/box
10 picks/box
A4 Small Box Pick & Mix Boxes A4 Small Box Pick & Mix Boxes
Approx. 80 sheets/box
5 picks/box
A4 Midi Box Pick & Mix Boxes A4 Midi Box Pick & Mix Boxes
Approx. 260 sheets/box
6 picks/box
A4 Mega Box Pick & Mix Boxes A4 Mega Box Pick & Mix Boxes
Approx. 645 sheets/box
10 picks/box
A3 Box Pick & Mix Boxes A3 Box Pick & Mix Boxes
Approx. 80 sheets/box
5 picks/box
A5 Small Box Pick & Mix Boxes A5 Small Box Pick & Mix Boxes
Approx. 160 sheets/box
5 picks/box
A5 Midi Box Pick & Mix Boxes A5 Midi Box Pick & Mix Boxes
Approx. 520 sheets/box
6 picks/box
A5 Mega Box Pick & Mix Boxes A5 Mega Box Pick & Mix Boxes
Approx. 1290 sheets/box
10 picks/box
A6 (148 x105mm) Small Box Pick & Mix Boxes A6 (148 x105mm) Small Box Pick & Mix Boxes
Approx. 320 sheets/box
5 picks/box
A6 (148 x105mm) Midi Box Pick & Mix Boxes A6 (148 x105mm) Midi Box Pick & Mix Boxes
Approx. 1040 sheets/box
6 picks/box
A6 (148 x105mm) Mega Box Pick & Mix Boxes A6 (148 x105mm) Mega Box Pick & Mix Boxes
Approx. 2580 sheets/box
10 picks/box

Pearlised Card

Give your project that extra “wow” factor with pearlised paper and card – available in packs or as part of a pick and mix box! Each pack of pearlised paper provides a fantastic shimmer and comes available in a wide variety of colour options for you to choose from. If you find yourself spoilt for choice when taking a look at our range of pearlised craft card paper, you can take advantage of our pick and mix boxes which allow you to select a number of sheets of paper or sheets of card (the number of sheets depends on the type of box selected).

Pick & Mix Pearlised

Your choice of pearlised in A4 and A3. From £22

Packs of Pearlised

Same gorgeous pearlised but in small packs. From £3.50

Packs of Paper & Card

Choose from our full range of stunning colours and sizes – from A6 to A1, 12x24 & 12x12!

Packs ofPaper & Card

Select a pack from our extensive range
From £2.75

12x12 Packs of card

Pick from our range of beautiful colours.
From £2.75

We are proud to offer a great choice of pick and mix craft paper or card boxes in a range of sizes, all conveniently packed into one box. This allows you to pick whatever you fancy from our fantastic range of card making paper, and ensures that you have exactly what you need for your next craft project. We also have packs of card available in our distinctive range of colours and offer a fantastic range of pearlised card and card blanks, giving you a great range of high-quality products that you can order quickly and easily online.

How Is Craft Paper Made and Why Is It So Popular?

Unlike other types of paper sold by Papermilldirect, craft paper card is produced from chemical pulp in the craft process. As craft paper is made using softwood which has long fibres, this paper card is stronger than other types, making it ideal for a wide range of purposes. In addition to this, the process used to produce craft paper removes the lignin present in the wood, which creates an increase in elasticity and resistance to wear-and-tear.

In addition to the strong and durable nature of craft paper card, you will find that it is also incredibly porous due to its relatively course texture, making it a fantastic option for crafts which involve glue.

One main advantage to craft paper card is that it’s bio-based, renewable and bio-degradable, so you can rest assured that the products within this range are highly recyclable, compostable and eco-friendly.

As craft paper card is much stronger compared to other forms of paper, you can find it used in many applications, including its use as paper sacks for various materials, grocery bags as well as wrapping paper for flower bouquets.

Although thicker than other traditional printing paper, another advantage associated with our supply of craft paper card is its thinner design, which allows for greatly improved flexibility.

Ideal for The Paper Craft Enthusiast

Whether you are in need of craft paper for personal use, or for use in an educational class, you can rest assured that our range of craft paper card is perfectly suited, no matter the purpose. You may wish to take a look at our paper craft artist work to get inspired with all of the different types of crafts you can do yourself with our selection of craft card.

Other Supplies You May Be Interested In

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For those looking to create an invitation or professional letter using our craft paper card, see our range of craft envelopes, available in a variety of sizes and colours to suit your preferences.

If you’re in need of craft supplies for your paper crafts, look no further than Papermilldirect. We stock an array of supplies such as adhesives, artist pencils and even decorative stamps.

Prompt Craft Card Delivery

Learn how much delivery will cost by taking a look at our deliveries page. Here at Papermilldirect, we are committed to ensuring that you receive the best customer service at all times, which is why we choose DPD to deliver your craft paper order if it totals over 1.5kg, or Royal Mail and UPS for orders below this weight.

Additionally, you can receive FREE delivery to your chosen mainland UK address on orders over £60.

Open a Trade Account for Express Shopping & Savings

If you are shopping on behalf of your business or educational facility, you may be interested in opening a Papermilldirect trade account to receive impressive savings of up to 40% off your orders when you buy in bulk.

Not Sure What You Need?

With such a big range to choose from, it can sometimes be a bit tricky deciding exactly what you need. That’s why we offer a sample range to help you to find exactly what you’re looking for. For just £1 and no additional shipping cost, you can get a box of 10 card making paper samples of your choice directly to your door.

At papermilldirect, we pride ourselves on the continuity of our products, meaning that you can always depend on us to provide your preferred paper or card for your project. You can find out more about our stock on our help page, and as always, please do get in touch with our friendly team if you have any questions.

For further information regarding any of our types of craft paper card, give us a call on 01539 735 252 or alternatively, you can fill out and submit your query using our simple online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.