Storage boxes are great items to keep on hand when you have plenty of craft supplies lying around, and Papermilldirect tries to bring you all the various box types that you’re likely to need. Our stock includes boxes designed to store various sizes of paper, as well as business cards or envelopes, and even playing cards. You’ll also find compartmentalised tool boxes to keep all of your bits and bobs clean and tidy within the one box, so we have a full range of options in a variety of sizes.

As a company that prioritises sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices, our craft supply storage boxes are generally made from recyclable polypropylene plastic, so they’re safe to use, as well as hard-wearing enough to withstand being dropped or bumped.

Choose Papermilldirect for Durable Storage Boxes in Different Sizes

Papermilldirect is committed to bringing you all of the best quality craft products, and so our chosen range of storage boxes is selected specifically for their ability to keep your supplies safe and tidy. If you’ve got a question about our boxes, then don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01539 735252 or get in touch with us by filling out our online contact form. If you’d like some inspiration about how to use the craft tools and materials within your storage boxes, then don’t forget that we’re always posting new ideas to inspire you on our blog, within our tutorials, or on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.