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Posted on 12th January 2022 by Papermilldirect
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When you create a handmade card for the first time, there is a little kick of excitement. Not only did you thoroughly enjoy the time it took (crafting is amazingly theraputic!) but you can also give it to a friend or a family member. Ten or twenty handmade cards later and I'm sure you are familiar with the feedback

"You should be selling these cards!"

Handmade 3d card with butterfly

Handmade Card from Ruby Wren Designs

You're flattered of course, but in reality it's something you have been considering for a while - turning your craft hobby into a fully fledged card making business... So what are the realities of selling your handmade cards online and at craft fairs?

How to Sell Homemade Cards?

We can provide the card and paper - but you need to work hard on the rest!

Thankfully we have a whole host of contributors to the PaperMillDirect blog who have embraced their hobby and turned it into a business and shared their tips with us. Our informative blog posts regarding selling handmade cards include:

How Easy is it to Sell Handmade Cards?

It's going to be hard work of course - but immensely rewarding. Turning something you love to do, something creative and fun, into a profitable business that you can run from your own home. In our series of blog posts will be looking at all the various aspects of turning your card making hobby into a small home business! From the rules for selling handmade cards, to where to sell them and how much to charge for them, we’ll cover it all. Just read the guides, and listen to the experts offering advice along the way :)

What are the Rules for Selling Handmade Cards?

When selling your handmade cards, you need to think about the law and how it impacts you. If you are using bought designs to put on your cards, especially when it comes to stamps and other bought products, you may find the designs are under copyright by the person or company you bought them from. You can find out more about copyright issues in our Understanding Copyright Issues and Angel Policies blog. You will also have to think about product safety advice and the General Product Safety Regulations 2005, all goods sold to the public need to be safe, and you may have to test the safety of your products to be allowed to sell cards at craft fairs. Finally, you have to declare your income from selling your products to the tax department as a self-assessment. There are different guidelines for this and the best place to get information is the Government website.

Help to Sell Handmade Cards

We will be addressing all of the above questions and more, but we would love your help to get us started! If you are a handmade card maker, whether you are already selling your work or not, could you let us know in the comments section, which areas of selling on and offline and building up your handmade business you find most difficult or worry about the most? What is it that is stopping you from actively selling your handmade cards? We're all ears! I'll be hanging around in the comments area below, pouring the tea and doling out the choccy biscuits - looking forward to hearing from you.

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sue longley

22nd June 2023 at 3:04 p.m.

I would like to start selling my cards at craft fairs. Are there any companies out there that will provide product liability insurance?

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