Envelope Colours: When Should You Mix It Up?


Posted on 18th April 2018 by Emily
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Momentous occasions worth celebrating happen each and every day.

Whether it’s a friend’s engagement, your mum’s birthday, or the birth of a beautiful new baby, we find ourselves sending a range of greetings cards each year.

Currently, an average of 7 billion greetings cards are purchased every year, which ultimately begs the question of what envelope to send your precious message in.

Take a look at some of our suggestions below of when it’s best to mix it up a bit!


Selecting the Correct Colour


As trends and personal tastes change year on year, getting the perfect birthday card right can become more difficult.

For children, bright colours are more eye-catching and attractive on their special day. Try and think what their favourite colours are, or whether or not they are having a birthday party, and if so, whether there is a colour theme.

With adults, matching their envelope to their personality may suit better, and can produce a beaming smile on their face, whilst letting them know that you have taken that extra care to get their card right.


Weddings are another occasion in which the social norm is relatively easy to follow.

Dependent on the wedding, the traditional envelope to send would be of a more natural colour, such as a beige or white, which reflects the typical wedding colours.

However, for the couple with a distinct theme at their wedding, a nice idea would be to match the envelope of your card with the colours which they have gone for.

You’ll probably be able to find their colour theme in the save the date and wedding invite so you can send them a message of congratulations that they will treasure. You may even find that their theme fits in with one of our patterned envelopes!

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Anniversaries tend to be a bit easier to calculate when it comes to colour.

As traditions go, each year of marriage correlates with a different colour. For example, the first year of marriage is celebrated with yellow, whereas the fourtieth year is celebrated with ruby.

Opting for the appropriate colour around the anniversary will match the joyous celebration, and with such a wide selection of coloured envelopes available here at Papermilldirect, we are sure there will be the right colour for you. With silver (25th) and gold (50th) wedding anniversaries, you could make the envelope even more special by choosing one with a metallic effect.

For more information about which colour is the right one, take a look at this handy guide.

New Baby

The birth of a baby is a time for joy, so it seems only fitting that you send a congratulatory message that will reflect the happy occasion. Of course, the traditional colours for new babies are blues for a boy and pinks for a girl, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stick to the norm!

Bright colours are fun and joyful, so opting for a brightly coloured envelope could ensure that your card message stands out and brings a little joy to the new parents.

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With so many craft envelopes to choose from, you are sure to find one that is perfect for your occasion. Take a look at our selection online – we have a huge variety of colours and sizes to choose from, making your next crafting project even more special.


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