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Handmade Easter baskets

Easter is right around the corner, but are you well prepared for it? It's a festival full of symbols, traditions and history. Among many of them, the Easter basket is one of the most recognisable ones. Nowadays, they serve as an icon of giving and Easter egg hunts, but where did this tradition start?

In today's blog, we'll walk you through the history of Easter baskets and show you how to make one for yourself out of paper. So, join us as we explore, craft, and keep a rich tradition alive in an eco-conscious and fun-filled way!

The History of Easter Baskets

The history of Easter baskets goes back centuries. In ancient times, the Easter holiday was known as the spring equinox. People celebrated the end of long winter days by praying to the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring and fertility, Eostre. She was portrayed with a woven basket in her arm, often filled with eggs to encourage fertility. Later on, people started to bring baskets full of food, such as eggs, to churches to get blessings in the coming harvest season. Both of these portrayals solidified baskets as a symbol of Easter.

This tradition remained, and now (although made of chocolate!) eggs and Easter go hand in hand.

Child carrying easter basket

The Craft of Paper Basket Making

Now you know a little bit about the history of Easter baskets, it's time to get stuck in on this tradition and make your own! Crafting a paper basket is a fun but simple activity to enjoy with kids, whether you're in a classroom setting or looking for something to do during the Easter holidays.

Once you have a good paper supplier like ourselves, you can organise DIY paper basket-making art classes. The joy on the kids' faces when they prepare something themselves is priceless. So, let's now explore how you and your children can use these paper baskets once the creations are complete!

What Can You Use Easter Baskets For?

Easter baskets aren't just for decoration; you can use them in many different ways. A great idea is to use them as gifts. You can personalise them to make them unique and show appreciation to your friends and family. Why not also craft some cheerful spring cards and place them inside the baskets for an extra personal touch? You can also add some chocolate eggs, small gifts, or even homemade cookies to make an Easter gift hamper!

For a bit of fun, use the baskets during the Easter egg hunt to collect all the hidden treasures. Plan the egg hunt in advance: pick a location and make sure it’s big enough for the hunters. Define the boundaries to hide the eggs. Remember, make sure it’s safe – avoid places near roads, water, and other hazards.

Another not-so-obvious way of using it would be turning them into containers for planting seeds. Children can watch their plants grow in the baskets they prepared and decorated. They can also be used as organisers for pens, paper clips or craft supplies – the options are endless!

Child wearing bunny ears carrying easter basket

The Craft of Paper Basket Making

To start your own DIY paper basket, you only need a few things, such as scissors, glue, ribbon and coloured card. To make it even more eco-friendly, use sustainable products such as:

Now, let's look at a step-by-step guide on how to create your own Easter basket.

How to Create Your Easter Basket: Step-by-Step Guide

Even though it might look difficult at first, thanks to this guide from Sandra Dunne, you will have no problem with creating your own Easter basket. Remember - enjoy the process, take your time, and most importantly, have fun!

Spring Baskets1

Hi. Today I'm sharing a cute project that both adults and children can have fun with. These little baskets are a great gift for any occasion, not just Easter.

For each basket, cut a piece of 6" x 6" card or heavy double sided paper. Score at 1 7/8" and 4 1/8" on one side.


Flip 90 degrees and score at 1 7/8" and 4 1/8" again.


Leaving the paper in the same position, score down to the 1 7/8" scoreline at 5/8", 1.25", 4.75" and 5 3/8".


Using the embossing tool, make a little notch at the 3" mark, both top and bottom.


Flip the paper 180 degrees and, again, score down to the 1 7/8" scoreline at 5/8", 1.25", 4.75" and 5 3/8"


Take a scissors and cut all the scorelines on each of the four corners, as shown.


Cut from the 3" notch you made on the top and bottom, diagonally down to the 1 7/8" scorelines, as shown


Repeat on the other side.


Fold all the scorelines to loosen the paper. To make the basket shape, take the outside strips first and fold them so they meet, then take the middle strips and fold them in, then finally the inside strips.






Alternatively, without using glue, fold in all the sides and staple to secure.


To make the handle, cut a strip of paper 1" x 7" and run it over a bone folder to curl it.



Apply a piece of double sided tape to each end


Before the handle is attached, punch two 1.5" circles, for each basket, from coordinating paper. Fold them in half and crease with a bone folder.

Apply wet glue on the inside front and back of the circle and adhere over the sides of the basket, covering the staples.




Adhere the handle to the inside edges of the basket.


Tie some white ribbon in a bow around the handle and slide it down to the bottom.


Fill the baskets with chocolate eggs or bunnies.

If you enjoyed this craft, visit our blog, where we regularly share a lot of guides and other creative ideas. We're always happy to help you with any questions you might have, whether it's about art and craft supplies or crafting itself - just get in touch, and we'll be happy to help.

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Spring Baskets

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