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Posted on 23rd July 2020 by Hannah Williams
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So first let's talk about the supplies you will need:

First take a piece of Pompelmo Nettuno Linen Effect Card and cut it to 10" x 7". Score the card at the 5" point, fold and reinforce the crease. This will be your base card.

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Next you will need to get your printer ready for the card insert. This will be created on Pastel Canary Plain Card, in word/pages create a rectangle that measures 9.7" x 6.6" and put a faint line down the centre of the rectangle that splits it into two exact halves. On the right hand side create your message that says 'Happy Blooming Birthday' as shown in the image below. You will then print this onto the Pastel Canary Plain Card, cut out the rectangle using a craft knife and cutting mat, score the central point, fold and crease. On the back of this put a few strips of double sided tape making sure to only put it near the crease. Stick this onto the inside of your base card making sure it is centred.




Next lets work on the striped background for the front of your card. Using Black Plain Card and White Card Plain for this, cut your white card to 4.6" x 6.55" and then cut your black card into 6 strips that measure 4.6" in width and 0.55" in height. All 6 of your strips need to be identical.

Using double sided tape stick your first strip onto your white card making sure it is flush with the edges at the top. To ensure that all of your pieces are spaced evenly, place a strip (no double sided) flush under the first, then take a second one with double sided on the back and push it flush with the loose one above. You can then remove this spacer piece. This can be seen in the photos below. Repeat this step using one strip as a spacer until you have once space left. As you don't have a spacer you will need to push the last strip flush with the one before and using a pencil lightly draw a line using this piece as a ruler, remove it and stick this last piece down making sure the top edge is lined up with your pencil line.






Next you will need to print/write by hand the message 'Happy Blooming Birthday' onto a piece of White Card Hammered. To do this go into word/pages and draw a rectangle that measures 3.1" width and 4.5" height. Make sure there is no fill colour on this rectangle but that it has an outline only. Write your message on the lower third of this rectangle and print it out. Once printed cut out this rectangle using your craft knife, cutting mat and a ruler. You will then cut out a piece using Black Plain Card that measures 3.3" x 4.7". Once you have both pieces cut out centre the white card on top of the black card piece and stick it down using double sided tape. This can be seen in the images below.



The next step is to cut out your layered flower. There are a few ways to do this but i found the easiest is to print the flowers out and cut out using a craft knife or sharp precise scissors. I have included a template here that you can download and print out your self at home. For the yellow flowers use Pastel Canary Plain Card, print the template onto this and cut out the flowers with either a craft knife or sharp precise scissors. As you won't be able to print on black card its best to print the two smallest ones onto the yellow card, cut these out and lay them on top of the black card to draw around with a pencil. You can then cut these black flowers out also.


Now let's put the card together. Take your striped background and stick this onto the front of your folded card base using double sided tape. Next get your layered black and white piece with the 'Happy Blooming Birthday' message on and stick a few pieces of foam tape on the back of the black card. This will make this pop from the card and make it, and your flower the focus. Stick this on top of the striped background making sure its placed more towards the top of the card and that you position it so that it's on top of the white portions of the background.




Now all that's left is to assemble your flowers. For this take each piece of the yellow flower and curl the inside around a pencil or your finger to create some added dimension. Do this to all of your yellow flowers and put to one side. Because the black flowers are so small its tricky to curl them so instead just fold each petal inwards and then unfold them slightly. To put it together, take your smallest yellow flower and place a piece of double sided tape on the underside, stick this into the medium sized flower making sure to offset the petals. Now take these pieces and place a piece of double sided on the back of the medium flower, stick this into the largest flower ensuring the petals are offset. Next stick the two black flowers inside the smallest yellow flower using Anita’s PVA Tacky Glue, again making sure the petals are offset with each other. This can be seen in the images below.




And for the last step place a few strips of double sided on the back of the flower piece and stick this onto the white portion on the front, making sure this is placed above the message and is below the line of the edge of the card as you will struggle to get this into an envelope if it is too high.

Once you have done this your card is complete, well done on reaching the end and i'm sure whoever you give this to will absolutely love it.




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