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Posted on 6th April 2018 by Nicole Mullen
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Hi all,

Nicole here to share a card idea using the new Papermilldirect Trifold card blanks. These cards are really great when you want to make a card that little bit more fun and interactive. To make this one I used:

I kept the card quite simple because being trifold, the more you add the more bulk adds up. For the cover I created a panel of the Lilac Smooth card and on this stamped a text stamp background in the Milled Lavender distress ink. I chose this colour so that it just gave very subtle tone on tone colour on the panel, but yet gave something. I then created my sentiment panel using the White Hammered card, and on this stamped the sentiment. I added a balloon die cut out of the Purple grape card, and I used a sliver of the Lilac Smooth card to act as a balloon string. 

You can see the texture on the Hammered White card in the images below, and also the subtle effect of the text stamp.

Nicole Trifold Bday Card 1

Nicole Trifold Bday Card 2

For the inner fold of the card I created another lilac panel, and on top of this added another white panel. On this I added a few balloons, in a mix of the grape and lilac. Again I used slivers of paper for the string on the balloons.

Nicole Trifold Bday Card 3

Inside the card then I just added a plain panel of the lilac, so that you could write the card easily and not have any trouble with the pen showing up on the dark grape colour. I like to leave my cards sentiment free inside so that I can write messages to my recipients.

Nicole Trifold Bday Card 4

Here I have the card standing with the fold exaggerated, so you can see how it works. I think it is a nice touch to get a card and open it and then open again to finally get to the message. You can have a lot of fun with these types of cards and I look forward to making more!

Nicole Trifold Bday Card 5

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