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I'm Charlotte Allen and I run a handmade business called Little Boushka. I specialise in making decor for children that will add a touch of magic to their room.

1. What’s a typical crafting session like for you?

I do a lot of my crafting in the evenings as I have two little girls.  A normal craft session involves lots of coffee, an almond croissant and a good film on in the background.

2. All of your products are handmade, how long does it take on average to make one of your unique wall art pieces?

An individual mouse will take me roughly two hours to make and a larger framed piece can take between 3 and 6 hours.

Ipiccy Rainbow B2

3. How does the order process work with Little Boushka, can customers request custom creations?

I currently have a shop on Etsy where you can order any of my products.  I have been running the business since February this year so I'm not planning on creating custom orders yet but its definitely something I would consider for the future. 

4. When did you first learn to do needle felted art and what inspired you to turn this skill into a business?

I taught myself to needle felt whilst on maternity leave after giving birth to my second daughter.  I wanted to create little magical creatures for my daughters bedrooms that would ignite their imaginations and create a sense of magic for them. I then had the idea of creating a business that would sell beautiful and magical decor for children. 

Supermouse 7

5. Each mouse you create is handcrafted by yourself, how do you come up with each of their characters?

I often turn to my daughters for inspiration, especially my eldest who is two.  She has a very vivid imagination and is obsessed with balloons which is where the idea of mice being carried into the sky by balloons came from. 

6. What is your favourite papermilldirect product and why?

I love the slate grey card.  I use it in all of my framed pieces as the grey really complements the vibrant colours of the wool which makes them pop. 

Balloon Mouse Lg1

7. Do you have any advice for people wanting to start up their own business?

I have had to become very organised running the business so lists are a must for me.  It's a lot of hard work especially managing family life and a part time job at the same time but its incredibly satisfying.  If you have an idea for a business I think you just need to go for it! 

8. What does the future hold for Little Boushka?

I'm currently working on a new product line for the summer which I'm really excited about.  I really hope to grow the business over the next few months and build the Little Boushka brand. 

If you would like to see more of Little Boushka's work check out their Instagram and Etsy pages. 

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