The Yellow Submarine using Blue & Yellow


Posted on 1st October 2021 by Ben Francis-Neun
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Bfn Submarine Posed

Ahoy there, fellow crafters! Ben here from Crafting Clever bringing you another bold and brilliant card design idea for you to try out.

With bright colours and bold shapes, this cute yellow submarine card is a great way to bring joy to your favourite Beatles fan, a nautical friend, or someone who would love to whisk away on an undersea adventure!

This is also a great card to get the kids involved with, as they can have great fun punching out lots of bubbles, or maybe even cutting out a few fish or other sea creatures to add to the card! The only limit is your imagination!

To make this card you will need the following craft paper:

*A good starter for this design is the Blue Mixed Pack of Card A4, which will give you the various blues you need, plus the Sweet Shop Mixed Card Pack A4 would be a great way to get not only the Sunlight Yellow and Tangerine Orange you need, but also provide some great additional choices for some colourful fish to add to this design!

You will also need the following craft supplies:

Bfn Submarine Base Card

To make the main body of the card, cut a rectangle 28cm x 14cm out of the Ocean Blue Plain Card 240gsm, and score along the centre point at 14cm, using a scoring tool or blunt knife. Using any round object you have to hand as a guide, or a compass (or just eyeball it if you think you can), round off the corners on one end of the rectangle and fold along the score line so the rounded edge is in front.

Bfn Submarine Insert

Using whatever method you used above, you'll also want to cut a white circle out that is just a little smaller than your rounded corners - stick this inside the card to give you a nice plain surface to write your message on.

Bfn Submarine Body

To make the submarine itself, you'll need to cut the above shapes (best way is to sketch it out and make yourself a template first), using your three yellows and the pale turquoise. A tiny hole punch or a sharp pencil or skewer is a great way to get the "rivet holes" along the bottom edge.

Bfn Submarine Parts

Next you'll want to use the template (or your cut pieces) as a guide to make any embellishments out of the orange and yellow cards, such as portholes and window surrounds, a periscope, and a propeller. Use your imagination to go wild and make your submarine as detailed as you like.

Bfn Submarine Bubbles

Using the Pale Turqoise Card, you'll need to cut out as many bubbles as you wish to fill your "ocean" with - make sure to do a variety of sizes, and they don't have to be perfect circles so this is a great bit to get the kids to help you with.

A great time-saving tip is to use a hole punch on your card and use the circles it punches out, AND also cut around the holes you punched to make "hollow" bubbles too!

Bfn Submarine Body Assembly

Bfn Submarine Assembly

Layer your submarine pieces up using glue or double-sided tape and affix to the front of your card, and arrange your bubbles however you wish to (I also added some to the inside of the card, to continue the effect).

Et voila! A wonderfully bright and colourful cute little Yellow Submarine, that I promise you, everyone will want to live in!

Bfn Submarine Posed

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