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Getting engaged is an exciting time for any couple, especially when it comes to breaking the good news to all of your friends and family! However, once the initial excitement of telling everyone you know that you’re getting married, you will have start planning your big day. For many, this can seem daunting, with lots of couples struggling to know what to plan first.

At Papermilldirect, our infographic was expertly crafted to help you create your ultimate wedding planning checklist. Our 12-month timeline highlights what you should be thinking about planning up to a year before your wedding day.

12 Months Before

A year before the wedding is the time to start getting serious about your wedding planning. 12 months before is where you announce the big news and beginning arranging an engagement party to celebrate the special occasion.

This is also the time to start thinking about creating a scrapbook full of ideas! This is highly beneficial to a lot of brides as it allows you to visualise different ideas for how you want your big day to go. You also want to begin thinking about your budget and getting a draft plan of your guest list.

10 Months Before

After starting your initial wedding planning, the 10-month mark is where you want to start finalising your wedding venue and date. After getting the big important aspects of your wedding booked, you can think about the smaller yet equally as important aspects. This is where you want to begin wedding dress and suit shopping.

During this time, you also want to get your wedding photographer booked (and maybe even that engagement photo shoot you’ve been wanting!).

8 Months Before

At the 8-month mark, you want to have your caterer, florist, cake and honeymoon booked ready for your wedding. You also want to think about planning your bridal party and stag do. 8 months is also when you might consider making your home-made invites and RSVP’s ready to send out.

This is where you want to have bought all the dresses you need, including your wedding and bridesmaid dresses. Your wedding transport should also be booked by this point.

6 Months Before

With 6 months down, you have 6 months to go. At this point you will have a lot organised, yet there is still much more to be done. This is where you want to create your wedding day schedule and send out them all important invites and RSVP’s.

You also want to ensure you’re prepared for your Hen Do and Stag party. This is also the ideal time to purchase the rings.

4 Months Before

With only 4 months to go, you want to ensure you have booked your hair and makeup trial and finalised your table plans from the RSVP’s. This is the time you also want to have finalised the food and drinks menu.

You want to be in the process of arranging (or already arranged!) your evening entertainment and begin organising and buying your room décor for the day.

2 Months Before

With 2 months to go, you want to ensure you have arranged your final dress and suit fittings ready for the wedding. This is the time where you want to meet with the wedding photographer to talk through any suggestions you both may have.

You want to have your wedding vows written and have your wedding gifts and favours bought. This is also the prime time to begin crafting your own table plan and name cards for your guests, ensuring everything is coming into place.

1 Month Before

With only a month to go, you want to begin finalising all of the planning. You want to have your transport for the day confirmed and finalise your room decorations. This is also the time to try your dress and suit on for a final check!

This is where you also give a must-have photo list to the wedding photographer, ensuring everything is now in order.

Don’t forget to purchase the guestbook!

1-2 Weeks Before

This is now the time for you. All the preparations should already have been finalised, with the flowers being the last thing to order. Now is the right time for you to have a wedding rehearsal and gather your something borrowed, blue, old and new.

You also want to begin wearing in your wedding shoes as you will be wearing these all day on your wedding, and arrange some time to pamper yourself, ensuring you feel at your best on your wedding day.

The only thing left to do then is to enjoy your big day!

This infographic was brought to you by papermilldirect.

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