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Posted on 10th March 2022 by Samantha Burrow
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Open Cricut Design Space and select New Project to take you to the design canvas. Click on the Images button and search for images #MBF66AD2 (ladybug) and #M3CF50 (square) and click Add to Canvas.

5 Cd8 E6 Ff E07 C 4 B06 85 Fb Cbfda7 F5 Daec

In the Edit panel, change the size the square shape to 4.6” x 6.6” (making sure you unlock the aspect ratio padlock) and change the colour to white. This will fit nicely in the centre of the 5”x7” Christmas Red Plain Card Blank.

Click on the Text button and choose the font ‘Cricut Alphabet’. Type the words “Wishing You the Happiest of Birthdays” making sure each word is on a new line, and centre the text. Change the Font Size to 25, Letter Space to 0 and Line Space to 0. In the Edit panel change the Operation Type from ‘Basic Cut’ to ‘Draw’ and select the ‘Fine Point 0.4 Black Pen’.

With the text selected, delete the hidden layer of text from the layers panel, then Ungroup the letters. Select only the letters in the words ‘Wishing You’ and click Group, repeat this for the letters in the words ‘the Happiest of Birthdays’. You should now have separated the phrase into two groups. Line up the ‘Wishing You’ approximately 1.1” from the top and 2.2” from the left of the white rectangle. Line up the ‘the Happiest of Birthdays’ approximately 4” from the top and 0.3” from the left of the white rectangle. Select all the text and rectangle together and click Attach from the Action Panel.

2 E9 A860 D 83 Cb 4 B95 A36 D A65 A76214 C43

829 A457 D 9 D8 F 458 B B69 A 7 F875427 C890

C3250 Ca3 C726 4 Bb0 Af1 F 73 E485107 B57

Now select the ladybird image and change the colour to black. Create two duplicates of the ladybird and change one to red and one to white.

46 A067 E2 C5 E3 4 F80 A981 805456166 Fe2

From the Shapes Panel insert a circle shape, make sure the size is 3.11” diameter, and line it up over the red ladybird’s head. Select both the red ladybird image and the circle together and click Slice from the Action Panel. Delete the head and the cut out circle pieces, you should be left with a red ladybird shell.

D57 D841 A 25 E0 48 Aa Af99 193214 Fc9683

Select the black ladybird, and in the Action Panel, click Contour. In the contour window unselect the six small ovals, this will remove them from the image to create a solid shape.

D4877924 85 B8 43 Aa 8 E31 D2 Edee18756 C

Select the white ladybird, and using the contour tool again, unselect all the parts except the top two ovals, these will become the eye area of your finished bug.

50 E007 A5 82 B8 402 F 9 Ede 5442 E631 B665

Line up all the ladybird pieces and click group. Create a duplicate group and change the height (keeping aspect ratio lock on) of one ladybird to 3.3” and the other to 2.3”.

F6 Cd2663 3714 4681 84 Ea 3 Dea41 E77 C9 A

D4 B2826 A 868 D 46 C6 9 F03 9171560 C924 D

When you’re happy with your finished design, click Make It and follow the on-screen instructions to cut the shapes. Remembering the colour of your boards on screen relate to your card colours not the actual cutting mats. When the white card is cut, the writing needs to be coloured in. For my card I’ve chosen a glitter gel pen because it colours really well, the black is really deep and the added glitter looks fantastic in the light.

5 B2552 F4 1 F58 4 B2 A B8 Ee 576 C8 C46920 A

Using glue or tape, stick the elements of the ladybird together and add 3D foam pads to the underside. Fix the white card to the front of the red card blank and add the two ladybirds.

56 A35 D1 B F0 F4 469 E B47 C 3 C05184 Bf4 Ac

6 E551933 Ced8 4 C0 F Bc05 D2 Bb9 Af97 B5 B


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