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Posted on 21st February 2024 by Papermill Direct
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Medium Banner Premium board

Introducing our brand new Premium One Side Coated Card!

Available in either 270gsm or 300gsm
We offer sizes from A6, A5, A4, A3, A2, A1, SRA3, SRA2, SRA1, 12"x12", 12"x24" or email us at hello@papermilldirect.co.uk to discuss bespoke cutting

P FSCB127 PW 1 product photo

This gorgeous card is coated to have a satin finish on one side with an uncoated reverse, typically used for greeting cards, postcards, promotional prints, and packaging.
We've tested printing on either side of the card to explore how well the image appears. We used a laser printer to test this card, results may vary when using an InkJet printer.

Premium one side

No surprise, the Satin Side looks incredible with crisp lines and a beautiful quality finish. But what about the reverse?
We've been blown away by the quality of the reverse! We printed the same image on the Reverse Side as we did on the Satin side to give you a visual comparison.
If you were debating buying this card to print your digital greeting cards then this card would allow you not only to print your beautiful designs on the front of the card but also add gorgeous heartfelt messages on the inside too.

Photo prem board

This makes the card perfect to print your photos at home!
The Satin Side of the card will give you that gorgeous glossy finish for that professional look.

Close up photos

Embossing & Debossing

We tested our card with embossing and debossing on both sides and when printed on too!
If you want to emboss or deboss the card without printing on it then we can recommend both the Satin Side and the Reverse Side for embossing or debossing.
However, if you're wondering about embossing or debossing after printing on the Satin Side, then we would advise debossing over embossing. We found we had much better results debossing the printed card rather than embossing. With embossing, there were more cracks in the ink compared with the debossed side.

Emboss = carve, mould, or stamp a design on (a surface or object) so that it stands out in relief.
Deboss = stamp (a design) into the surface of an object so that it is indented.

Embossing card

Stamping Test Time!

We stamped both sides of our Premium One Side Coated Card to see how either side accepted the ink. The Satin Side looked beautiful and took the stamped well, it did need a good amount of time to be sure the ink had dried and my sweaty thumbs still managed to smudge it quite easily. However, if handled with care (and not rigorously stroked in the name of science and crafting) I would say the Satin Side is suitable for stamping. The Reverse Side stamped like a typical card, once I'd taken the photo I realised I should have tried to get more ink on the stamp before pressing .


What about colouring pencils?

This card isn't typically used for drawing or colouring but we wanted to see how it would hold up all the same.
For our Classic Colouring test we used a Spectrum Noir (No.26) and coloured on both sides of the card. For the Satin Side the colour appeared paler than it does on standard paper or card and smudged quite easily but this is to be expected from the finish on the satin side.
For the Reverse side of the card the colour appeared as expected and smudged slightly when heavy pressure was applied.

Classic colour

We then used a Derwent Water Colour (Crimson Lake) Pencil and tested it left dry as well as blended on the card.
We wouldn't recommend using too much water if you were going to try this yourself as it would warp the card however it will tolerate a tiny amount for blending. Blending on the Satin Side of the card is possible, you wont get a very rich colour and will need to give it plenty of time to dry but it can be done. The same can be said about using the watercolour pencils dry on the Satin Side, the colour isn't as strong as on the Reverse Side but it will take and has to be handled with care not to smudge.
The Reverse of the card gave us a richer colour and blended better, it can still be smudge if you apply pressure.

Water colour

Cardblanks 2x

Our Premium One Side Coated Board is available as pre-creased card blanks! If you create digital greeting cards these will be a massive time saver. We despatch them flat which means they will go through your printer as easily as a typical sheet of card. We offer a 270gsm card weight too as we know some home printers can struggle with 300gsm card.

Classic pmb 2x

Add a pick of Premium One Side Coated Card to your Classic Pick&Mix! Alternatively, we offer A4 pack sizes of 5 Sheets, 60 Sheets, and 200 Sheets!

Included in Trade Discount too!

Thank you for taking the time to look through our review.
If you would like us to do more tests on our Premium One Side Coated Board or if you would like us to review more of our products like this then please leave a comment below or on our Social Media!

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