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Posted on 6th November 2017 by Nicole Mullen
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Hi all,

Nicole here today to share another project using the fabulous Pixie Powders that I showed on my last project. I recently wrote out my Christmas card list and realised I have quite a lot to get done, so I have started to make 2-3 a week now. This one is a simple design, but looks really stunning because of the Pixie Powder Background. I used:

I started off by preparing the background I needed for the card. To do this I cut a panel of the plain white card and used an old box to work in - this helps contain any mess! I spritzed the panel of card lightly with water, tapped the three colours of powder over it and re-spritzed with water until I was happy with the effect.

Nicole Pixi Snowman 1

Nicole Pixi Snowman 2

I let it dry naturally to preserve all the natural swirls the water mixing gave it. When it was almost dry, I took the White Pearl colour and tapped some of this on top. Because the surface was almost dry, the white didn't dilute as much, and stayed in a sprinkled look, almost like a shimmering coat of snow. It also had a raised texture to it, which was very cool.

Nicole Pixi Snowman 3

I then stamped and fussy cut out the Woodware Funny Snowman stamp. I didn't worry about his arms, as I had a plan for those, so I just cut out him and his hands (the mittens). I cut a panel of hammered white card to size and cut a circle from it. I also cut down the Pixie Powder background to fit in behind this circle. Just look at that shimmer!

Nicole Pixi Snowman 4

Nicole Pixi Snowman 5

On the background, I stamped the snowman stamp again to get his arms on the background, as this was much easier than fussy cutting the arms with mittens attached! It also gave me perfect placement for the mittens to go onto the background. I finished it all with glossy accents as the background had a lot of texture.

Nicole Pixi Snowman 6

I stamped a sentiment on the hammered white front panel. I also added a border around the circle aperture. Then, I stuck it all together and it was done. The background on this card gives so much drama that I didn't add any more embellishments at all, I just let it be the star of the show!

Nicole Pixi Snowman 8

Nicole Pixi Snowman 7

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Sue Nolan

26th December 2017 at 3:23 pm

Really lovely card. Instructions easy to follow

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