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We have done a little Q&A with Keji Aofiyebi from Sequins and Petals. She creates amazing backdrops and paper flowers. 

1. What inspired you to start making paper flowers and backdrops?

Sequins & Petals started life as a company that made gift hampers, diaper cakes and a host of other gift wrapping and embellishment services. The foray into Paper Flowers and Backdrops started in January 2017. I wanted to offer what I called 'a wow factor' in gift toppers so I started looking into and making Paper Flowers. As you can imagine, things have evolved considerably. As I started to post my work on Instagram, I started getting enquirers and requests for event decorations, backdrops and even wall art. It's all very exciting, I've had to learn so, so much...and I continue to learn and grow.

Paper Flower 5

2. You use a lot of Papermilldirect paper and card for your designs, why do you choose to use ours over any other brands?

Ok, where'd do I start? Papermilldirect card is affordable and the quality of your card is just right, cannot be faulted. You offer a wide range of colours and shades in a variety of weights. The weight is so important for the flowers. Last but not least, I've never had a problem with your delivery, for me, prompt delivery is an important factor as I have a number of clients who order at the last minute. Customer service is important to me and I recognise that it appears to be important to you too.

Paper Flower 1

3. Paper flowers at weddings have become more popular in recent years, what do you think influenced this?

Paper flowers are indeed a unique trend, they simply are works of art. I guess people want something other than balloons at their weddings and real flowers can be expensive and considerably more delicate. I suppose possible re-usability might also be a factor to consider. Beyond all these points, the undeniable versatility of paper flowers must be a massive influence. Imagine this, with paper flowers you can have any flower in any colour in any size and/or combination of your choice at any time of the year.

People get very creative with their wedding plans these days and having your wedding (or indeed any event) adorned with actual works of art clearly must be the icing on a very colourful creative cake.

Paper Flower 4

4. What is your favourite design/trend of paper flowers and backdrops?

At the moment my favourite trend is the backdrop with Paper Flowers/Drapes combination. It is so versatile in its use.

Paper Flower 3

5. What have you found most challenging about your business so far?

What I've found most challenging is finding where I fit, the lack of a proper professional community in the UK makes me feel like I'm operating in isolation sometimes. It would be nice to have people I can meet up with to bounce off ideas and learn and evolve ways of executing my work.

Paper Flower 6

6. Do you have any advice for anyone who wants to start up their own papercraft business?

Yes, I do actually. Find your niche. Make sure you have a vision for your business but be ready to take a few turns, adapt, have an open mind. Find a community, if one doesn't exist, work towards building one. Work at developing your skill and understand that the papercraft business (like any other business) is a marathon, not a sprint, it does take time to be noticed.

You will work long hours, but it will pay off in the end.

Paper Flower 7

7. Tell us about your creative process - how do you like to work and what inspires you?

The creative process starts with the client's vision. Some clients contact me with a vague description of what they want, possibly based on some of my work they’ve seen at a previous event and sometimes, they either cannot describe what they want or they don't even know. I try to get an idea of the client’s vision. I ask or send the client a list of questions regarding themes, colour schemes and other questions just to get them thinking.

Once I have some understanding of the client's vision we create a sketch and from the sketch, we start making flowers, ensuring that each unique shape and colour is approved by the client. We work very closely with each client using both technological and manual expertise to get the very best results for every client.

Paper Flower 8

8. What would your dream project be and why?

My dream project at the moment would be a window display in either a high-end shop or a really chic boutique setting. It is a long-time dream of mine to do window displays and I think paper flowers would be perfect.

Paper Flower 9

9. What does the future hold for Sequins and Petals?

We hope and pray to keep learning, growing and creating...

If you would like to more of Sequins and Petals work check out their Instagram to see all of their amazing creations:

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