Pro-Design – The true power of design


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PRO-DESIGN – The true power of design

Now optimised for laser and inkjet printing

Long the proven choice for professional laser printers, PRO-DESIGN has now been optimised to offer excellent results for high-speed inkjet printing as well.

PRO-DESIGN paper has had a big impact on the world of professional laser printing.

Its benefits include:

  • High whiteness for sharper contrast printing, high colour definition and excellent printability
  • High smoothness for consistent print quality and enhanced final print images
  • Wide range of sizes and grammages
  • Ideal for digital printing, custom print jobs, promotional materials, reports and business communication

Expanding options for professional, desktop and office printer use

PRO-DESIGN was originally designed for use with laser printers as a top-shelf product for full colour, high quality print applications. Taking full advantage of developments in high-speed inkjet technology, the new PRO-DESIGN now provides the inkjet market with the same outstanding results that professional laser printers have depended on for a decade and a half.

Vivid colours, bolder sharper blacks

The key to the PRO-DESIGN optimisation is the application of ColorLok® technology, incorporated into the paper during manufacturing. When printing occurs, ColorLok® interacts with the ink pigments to “lock” them at the surface. In an inkjet printer, PRO-DESIGN with ColorLok® provides more vivid colours, bolder sharper blacks, faster drying time and reduced smearing. For laser printing, it delivers consistent sheet moisture content and surface smoothness. Standard filler particle size reduces wear and tear on critical printer components. Other benefits include validated surface electrical properties and improved performance to help reduce paper jams and misfeeds.

PRO-DESIGN - A sustainable choice

  • Optimum environmental performance certified by FSC and EU Ecolabel
  • Produced at Saillat, France: On site carbon emission of 139 kgCO2/tonne compared to European average of 405 kg CO2/tonne*
  • 100% of wood comes from controlled sources
  • All wood is procured within an average distance of 128km of the mill
  • Recyclable packaging


  • PRO DESIGN® is EU Ecolabel certified
  • PRO DESIGN® is FSC certified
  • ISO 14001 / Environmental
  • ISO 18001 / OHSAS Health and Safety
  • ISO 9001:2000 / Quality Systems
  • ISO 9706 / Archiving

Did You Know?

All PRO-DESIGN papers are manufactured on a single machine, ensuring perfect consistency – along with a 99.99 jam-free guarantee.

PRO-DESIGN is suitable for all finishing treatments – from stapling, perforating, folding and binding, to laminating, varnishing, sealing and embossing.

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