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Posted on 8th August 2019 by Nicole Mullen
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Hi All,

Nicole here to share an unusual new home card. This one was for friends who joked when they bought their house everything inside would be black. So I played with that as the joke for the card, and made theirs the only black house on the street on this row of houses! For this card I used:

I added some detail to the black card background using an embossing board and stylus. It gives it a nice modern look, perfect for the couple receiving it.

Black New Home Card Nm 1

I added some shimmer to the house to make it stand out and really pop. Keeping everything on this card black and white meant I needing to find ways to make things stand out, like using foam tape for the sentiment!

Black New Home Card Nm 2

In this image you can see the diagonal embossing on the background a little better. You could do this with an embossing folder, but as I don't have one an embossing board/score board works perfectly.

Black New Home Card Nm 3

Hope you liked this monochrome take on this card and it gave you some ideas on the colour scheme.


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