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Posted on 19th July 2017 by STACEY BONE
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Hi everyone its Stacey and this week I’ve crafted another birthday banner suitable for little boys and girls who love trains. 

Make Your Own Party Decorations

I used two shades of Papermilldirect's green card to make the banner, billiard green and forest green.

Using Adobe Illustrator I constructed each train carriage. The screen shot shows the breakdown of how one of the little carriages was built.

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I chose a lovely chunky style font; Azo Sans Uber Regular for my text. Any message of your choice can be added to each carriage and different carriages lengths can be created to suit your message. After I was happy with my kerning I created outlines of the type. 

Img 0178

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Once the carriage was built I used the pathfinder tool in Illustrator to combine all the layers together. I added small holes to each element for hanging. I then saved each as an SVG file. You can add as many carriages as you like to make a small or long banner.  

Img 0161

Img 0162

I uploaded all files to my circuit machine and cut using the card stock setting.

Img 0166

Img 0168

Img 0169

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Once cut, I threaded each section on to the twine and added a small knot to both ends. Hey presto you have a fun birthday train banner.

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We'd love to see your diy party decorations, share a pic with us over on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram #papermilldirect

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