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Posted on 6th June 2018 by Nicole Mullen
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Hi All,

Nicole here to share a wedding invitation sample today. I wanted to start making some samples for wedding invitations, and I wanted them to be elegant and fairly neutral in colour. This meant that people could picture their wedding colours on them if they were looking to have colours changed on them and so on. I love black and white as a colour combination, but I find black ad cream is a bit warmer and more welcoming for an invitation so I went with that instead. On this card I used:

The wedding couple die were going to be the focal point so I wanted to layer these up, rather than cut them in a single colour. To do this I cut them in the Papermilldirect Black card once and the patterned paper twice - once in the cream part only and once in the flocked flourish part. I layered the cream die cut on top of the black die cut, but slightly off set - this made the black layer a shadow. I cut off the skirt part from the velvet die cut and stuck this on top of the dress section, giving a patterned dress.

Black And Cream Deco Card Nicole 1

Black And Cream Deco Card Nicole 2

I layered the patterned paper onto the black Papermilldirect card. I added the flocked part of the patterned paper only on the right hand side gatefold section of the card base. I stamped my sentiment on the top left of the card. A simple 'You're Invited' and the rest of the information will be on the inside.

Black And Cream Deco Card Nicole 3

I then stuck the bride and groom figure onto the card. I only stuck the groom section down,will a tiny portion of the bride (her hands and shoes) and only onto the right side gatefold section. This means when the card stands open it gives a lovely shadow outline onto the panel in behind.

Black And Cream Deco Card Nicole 4

I wanted to leave this card quite simple and not over done, with the elements and flocked paper giving all the embellishment needed. To keep the card closed for posting I made a simple belly band from some black satin ribbon. I always use red line tape to stick ribbon down or together, no mess and no bleed through!

Black And Cream Deco Card Nicole 5

Black And Cream Deco Card Nicole 7

Black And Cream Deco Card Nicole 6

You can see the ribbon sealed on the back here and see how there is no mess. That is my top crafting tip for working with adhering ribbon. Just look at that linen texture on the card too! The Papermilldirect Linen card is some of my favourite to add that touch of class and elegance to any project.

Black And Cream Deco Card Nicole 10

Have you made any wedding cards or projects lately? Share them with us, we love seeing your work!

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