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Posted on 21st March 2018 by Nicole Mullen
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Hi all,

Nicole here to share a fun technique that you could apply to many things, not just Easter. But in this case I have made an Easter themed card. I don't have any Easter dies or stamps, bar one mini set, so I wanted to find a way to make a larger card with more impact. So to do this I thought outside the box a little. On this card I used:

I started off by tracing an oval on a panel of the Hammered white card. This was so I knew the shape of my 'Easter Egg' and where to place the mini dies roughly inside of. I traced an oval die for this, but you could freehand draw it or lightly print one too.

Nicole Easter Egg Mini Die Cuts 1

I then gathered all the small dies I had. I don't have many so I had to be careful with my placement and get creative. The more you have the better you could make this look! I used washi tape to hold them in place while die cutting and then carefully repeated the process until I was happy with the look.

Nicole Easter Egg Mini Die Cuts 2

Nicole Easter Egg Mini Die Cuts 3

Once they were all die cut I was left with this shape pattern on the card. At this stage decide if you need any more work on it or decide to leave it be - this can often be the hardest decision!

Nicole Easter Egg Mini Die Cuts 4

I then took the Easter sentiment from my mini Easter stamp set and stamped Happy Easter on the white panel. Once this was stamped I then adhered a panel of the Lilac card in behind the white to make the cut outs really stand out. You could add multiple colours in behind, but I decided I liked the simple nature of the single colour in behind.

Nicole Easter Egg Mini Die Cuts 5

I did then add multicolored pearls into the center of most of the gems and add some Easter egg colour in this way.

Nicole Easter Egg Mini Die Cuts 6

I added this completed panel onto the purple grape card base and called it finished! I love how simple yet fun it is and how you could do this for any occasion.

Nicole Easter Egg Mini Die Cuts 8

Nicole Easter Egg Mini Die Cuts 7

I hope you like this technique and give it a try!

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21st March 2018 at 1:27 p.m.

Such a easy concept. With great results. Love it

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