How To Make A Flashy Flamingo


Posted on 20th March 2018 by Jennifer Squire
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Materials needed/ and used. All card is from Papermilldirect: 

First of all you need to do a sketch of a flamingo. I am doing mine for a 40th birthday card. 


Then you draw out your flaming into individual parts using tracing paper. First the pink main body outline, then on a different part of the paper the pale pink feathers, then the legs, the white eye which is a diameter of 6mm, the white beak, and the black tip. For the white eye you can use a compass or a stencil.


Once you have traced out your different parts you can then trace these out on to the different coloured card and cut them out using a scalpel and cutting mat or alternatively you can use a die cutter. 


I have cut the legs using the buff card you can play around with what colour card works best for you. You can see on my legs that there are pointy tops this is so that there is room at the top for gluing.


The next image is for the second flamingo.


You then start sticking your flamingo together. The pale pink feathers in the middle of the body, then the white beak and the black tip on top of the white beak. You stick the eye close to the beak, I suggest you do the dot on the eye before sticking down so as not to mark the card. Then comes the legs which you place on to the back of the body. Once it is together you can add more detail with the fine black pen, if you desire. 


And there you have your finished flamingo. You can add it to any back ground or designs you like. I did mine to celebrate a 40th birthday. I hope you have fun making your flamingoes. 

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