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Posted on 8th August 2016 by Nicole Mullen
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Hi all,

Nicole here to share another Christmas card in Augurst this time. I know - it is so early. But I have a resolution to try get one a month done, to lighten the workload a bit come December, and it helps prevent you getting too Chrismas card overloaded in November/December! I have made this card with a removable tag on the front. The tag can be used as a Christmas decoration, which means the person getting your wonderful handmade card gets more than one use out of it for more than one year! I used:

This is the card with the tag on the front. The tag is attached on with two removable glue dots.Using the extra thick card for the removable tag is brilliant as the card is so sturdy and strong and durable, it holds up perfectly.

Tag Card 1

And here is the tag off. I used my jumper sleeve to take some of the stickiness off the glue dots to make them even more removable so that the tag just lifts straight off really easily. 

Tag Card 2

This is a simple but fun way to give a card and a mini gift all in one!

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