“Bicycle for Two” Valentine’s Card


Posted on 2nd March 2022 by Samantha Burrow
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Open Cricut Design Space and select New Project to take you to the design canvas. Click on the Images button and search for images #M4496C (bike tag), #M3DC16 (heart) and #M3CF50 (square) and click Add to Canvas.

D17 F2 D75 D0 E3 4 D2 C A9 A1 45 Dd33 Ee5031

In the Edit panel, change the size the square to 5.5” sq, this is the size of the Large Square card blank, you can adjust the size for different size card blanks if you wish. I’ve changed the colour to match my white card blank.

Click on the Text button and filter the font list to show those with the writing option. There are lots of free and subscription fonts to choose from, for this design I’ve used DTC Cottage Style, a beautiful flowing font which writes well with the Cricut machine. Type the words “Be mine” and in the Edit panel change the Style to Writing. Change the Font Size to 48, and pick a red pen to draw it, I’ve used Red Glitter Gel 0.8 on this card.

55 Cd9184 2 E48 4 B61 Ae2 D F0 Fdc1 E637 B9

In the Action panel click Ungroup to separate the letters. Without moving the letters around, highlight the ‘Be’ and group as one word, do the same for the ‘mine’. You can now move the words around to place them where you like, I’ve popped the ‘mine’ just offset and beneath the ‘Be’. When you’re happy with the word placement, highlight the square and text together, then in the Action panel click Attach, this secures the text in place to the square.

1 B6 Dfe3 F F033 4556 8 F04 61 B09 B5 Fc199

Now click on the bike tag image and change the colour to a bold dark colour of your choice, I’ve used a navy blue for this card. With it still selected, in the Action panel click the Contour button. With this tool you can remove parts of an image to suit your design. Un-click the tag outline, the small circle at the top and the three hearts so they’re not visible on the canvas anymore. Close the contour screen and now you have a bike image. Resize the bike to height of 1.8”.

F13 A9 Df9 0 A2 C 490 B Abd8 0495 D39 B957 E

Duplicate the bike and place the second bike centrally over the first. Click on contour again, this time click the three hearts to put them back and un-click all the bike elements. Close the contour screen and change the image colour to red. Click both the bike and the three hearts image and Group together from the Action panel. Move the bike image over the square and place it roughly where you’d like to see it on the finished card.

258 F8 E1 A 3249 4 Ed0 9 De4 Ec87 E275 E76 C

1 D8 E514 F F1 Ff 4096 81 Cb 7 Da3597379 Aa

292 E7 F67 3363 4666 A19 E 8 D3 Bffeeca0 C

Using the heart image you added at the start, make duplicates of varying sizes and recolour them in shades of pink and red, or any colours to reflect your finished card. You can use the square shape to work out how many hearts you would like to add to the space remaining.

9 C7 Deec5 33 Fa 4 B08 Ad67 Aea0674 F31 Fc

When you’re happy with your finished design, click Make It and follow the on-screen instructions to cut the shapes. Remembering the colour of your boards on screen relate to your card colours not the actual cutting mats.

Lining up the card blank for the text part can be a little tricky at first, so I recommend doing a practice cut on a blank piece of printer paper. You can still follow the instructions, but select copier paper as your material. When you’re happy with your cut and confident with lining up your card blank, you can simply repeat that step again but this time remove your blade tool. This means the software will go through the same process again, but the machine won’t be able to physically cut through your card blank.

Note: The Cricut software will place the text square in the top left corner of the mat screen by default, you can move this and I recommend moving it to the right side so you can lay your card blank out flat on the mat.

F9 Dc2 Cfc D530 4 Fc2 826 E C4 E2996 Aeb8 A

When everything is cut and drawn, you can use glue or double sided tape to fix everything to the card. I’ve used 3D foam pads for some of the hearts to add depth.

1 E1 B6658 A8 Cb 417 E B6 B8 C3 E48722 Bfec


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