Bee spring time guide to creating the perfect bee gift.


Posted on 20th March 2019 by Jennifer Squire
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Bee 7 Good

You will need:

Scalpel or die cutter machine

Tracing paper

Plain white paper

Fine glue pen

10x8 picture frame and mount

White card Linen 255gsm papermill direct as background and wings

Black (Sorry Emily couldn't find the name of your black card) for the parts of the bee

Daffodil hello smooth card 240gsm for body

Bee 1 X

Bee 2 X

I started off by doing a drawing then I traced out the individual components on to a piece of paper. I used a die cutter to cut mine out but you could easily use a scalpel. I have put on the side of the picture a scale so you can print it out.

Bee Main

Cut out the main body and upper body out of the yellow card.

Bee Black

Then cut out the rest of the body parts out of the black card. You also want a full main body cut out of the black card. I have done two sets of eyes so you can choose which one you like best.

Bee Black Head

Stick the face down first on your yellow body matching it up with the yellow body

Bee Main Body Second Part

Then stick the upper body in line with the main body in yellow.

Black Maind Body

With you spare black main body cut out the legs, far into the main body.

Leg Parts

Stick On Black Leg

Then stick the extra parts on to the legs. See image above.

Black Legs On Main Body

Then stick the legs on to the yellow body. No problem if you are struggling to get an exact match you can glue the bits that fit well and then then cut off the exposed yellow later.

Legs Underneath Bee

Then stick layer 2 of the main body on top of the yellow and the legs.

Underneath Black Main

Then stick the second black body part underneath main and stick.

Bee Mian Body Last

Then stick the last black bit on to the bee at the bottom in line with the yellow.

Then Eyes

Then stick on the eyes.

Bee Ant

Then stick on the antenna and place then underneath the head of the bee.

Bee Wings

Then cut out your wings from the white card and hand cut out with a scalpel the black veins of the wings. Then glue these wings into position on the bee body, then you have your finished bee.

Finished Bee

I stuck mine in a 10x8 frame but obviously framing choices are all yours. I hope you have enjoyed making your simple bee, here is to a sunny spring for all.

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1 thought on “Bee spring time guide to creating the perfect bee gift.”


27th March 2019 at 8:53 p.m.

That is so beaautiful. I love that you have kept it so simple. With colour & how it's been cut. It's so detailed which is why it is so perfect.

I also love how you taken each step, with picture's & instruction. So that anyone can make there own Bee picture.

So looking forward to your next make/share. You should be so proud of your piece of art. Thank you so much for sharing it.

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