A simple dachshund thank you card


Posted on 9th March 2018 by Jennifer Squire
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Hi everyone, here is a simple and easy way to create a dachshund thank you card. 

Materials for the Dog:

Mocha Brown Card 240gsm

Buff Smooth Card 260gsm

Plain Black Card

Intensive Blue Plain 160gsm Card


Rich Cream Hopsack 255gsm Card

Intensive Blue Plain 160gsm

Materials need: 


Cutting Mat

Tracing Paper 


First of all you sketch out your dachshund, you can easily trace from a photo or print out.

Image One

Then you split it up into indivdual components, base dog, top dog, ear, nose, feet, eyes, tail and collar.

Image 2

You can then either trace these on to your card and cut round using a scapel or scan it into a die cutter. Once you have your cut out parts you can stick it together.

Image 3

Get the base dog, for which I used buff smooth card. Then stick the Mocha Brown card cut out on top along with the feet on the bottom. Then stick on the ear.

Image 4

The trickiest part is sticking on the eyes and nose. I suggest nose first then you can gauge the position of the eye in relation to the nose.

Image 5

Then you have your dog.

Image 6

I have used a die cutter for the thank you letters but you can easily use a stencil and a pen. I have also added a black ear on top of the original ear. I hope this gives you a chance to send many thank you cards.

More Defined Main Image


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