Creating A Picture Frame For Mothers Day


Posted on 8th March 2018 by Keji Aofiyebi
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Today i’ll be going through the process of creating a picture frame for mother’s day.

Materials needed .

Img 0566

First we need to prep the frame.

I usually just measure and then I cut. On this occasion I’ve made sure that the sides and the top are 8cm each and the bottom  is 10cm wide.This step is quite crucial as it’s the base for all you work.


Img 0580

Img 0581

Img 0586

After the frame is cut i now start prepping the flowers. I’m using a Cricut to cut out all my petal shapes

Img 0610

I assemble each flower in detail.

Img 0612

Now I place each flower in the frame and I assemble with my Glue gun and hot melt glue.

I’ve kept it clean with no text so that’s its’ a gift that lasts beyond mothers day ..... 

Img 0614

Bye for now xxxx

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