Voodoo Doll Halloween Card


Posted on 29th October 2019 by Hannah Williams
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For the card base you will need:

You Will also need:

  • Twine or Wool
  • Sellotape
  • Scissors
  • Foam tape or foam squares
  • Rhinestones (colour of your choosing)
  • Anita’s tacky glue
  • Scoreboard & Bone Folder
  • Paper Cutter
  • Double sided tape
  • Embossing Powders (I used Cosmic Shimmer’s Aurora Sparkle)
  • Wow! Embossing Pen
  • Heat Tool
  • Windsor & Newton Promarkers (Khaki, Antique Pink, Cocktail Pink, Denim Blue, Mint Green, Mandarin) or blending inks or Pencil crayons.
  • Fine Point Sharpie

To begin let’s cut out all of the base card pieces. With the Dark Violet card cut a piece that measures 10” width x 7” height, score this card at the 5” line for the centre fold. For the second Dark Violet piece cut a portion that measures 3.7” x 1.2”. The Charcoal Sparkle Card should be cut into 4.7” x 6.7”. And finally using the White hammered card cut a section that measures 3.6” x 1”. Then save the image i’ve drawn of the voodoo doll below and print it off onto the white hammered card. It should measure roughly 3.5” width x 6.1” height, there is some small leeway for this measurement. Once printed cut out the other doll completely, shown below.

3 Bd8 B925 3 B52 4 Dd4 Ac1 D D1 Aa9 C3 C9647

A6 B592 B7 833 E 42 B6 Adca E08 A55 Ea8931

Once you have all of your base card pieces cut, scored and printed we can begin to assemble. Start by taking the charcoal Sparkle piece and apply double sided tape along the back, then stick this down on the front of your folded dark violet card, making sure it is centred. Do the same with the other piece of dark violet card and the small white hammered rectangle, however for this piece don’t centre it. Line up the edges on one side and stick down.

508 Ecd2 B 767 B 4110 B8 Ee 810 B69672001

3383719 B 8 D59 4 D11 A7 Dd 348 B36 D30 D41

F6975 C09 Af4 F 4 Ad8 8668 Cd497 C6 Ff830

D253 Add7 0923 4 A16 Bf9 E A7 A198 Addab9

Now let’s move on to the voodoo doll. Once you have printed and cut it it’s time to colour it in. For my card I chose to use a variety of Promarkers but feel free to use whatever you have to hand to colour it in. The white hammered card is perfect for the voodoo doll as its texture replicates a fabric look when it is coloured in. For the dolls body and head I used the colour Khaki. Once you’ve coloured every part in its time to add some further detail, I did this by going over certain parts of the doll again to create a shadow look.

169 F3767 9 C6 F 47 B7 A459 891 Bd2072 Ec3

E3 Cb20 D3 Fdc1 46 Ea B640 5 E1 Dec4428 C4

379 F9440 7 D63 48 Dc 8 Bc7 511070 D7 B7 B4

46 Fe6998 B6 Ef 487 E A543 Da1 E9 B3 F8 Fc6

39 Acb382 47 Ed 4 A81 9 Eaa 40 D5729 D44 B3

I had my Cricut machine draw and cut my voodoo doll so the lines separated. I had to go over the outlines with a sharpie to finish it off, if you printed your image this shouldn’t happen but just in case I thought you should know what I did to fix this.

79 F2 B0 D7 D28 C 4869 Bdb2 E2844 Ce03857

5801 B0 C9 2807 4 Cbb 95 Af 771069 D65 A1 C

Some extra details I chose to do is to add rhinestones onto the pins stick into the voodoo doll and threaded some twine through the button holes in his eyes to add more dimension. This step is completely optional I just felt that it needed something more.

02 Fa6 Ab7 5426 4 D3 E 9 E00 0 A68 C2 Cb1242

81 C5 Cd7 E 1 Fdb 42 Df 8 B1 B F2 Dcbe3 E0055

2 B2 D51 Db Cf38 4613 A277 Ef616 Cdd4 E35

Cae8 Ee0 C 6 Fd1 4 Fb6 Bbf1 Fbf88652 F56 E

To stick the voodoo doll onto the card I used foam squares (foam tape would have been a lot easier, so I recommend trying to use that if have it). Once I covered the back of the doll I stuck the doll on top of the charcoal Sparkle Card making sure it was centred. I also wanted to add dimension to the rectangular piece so I covered the back in foam squares again but had to double up on some parts because of the voodoo dolls dimension. I also wrote the words ‘You’re Spooktacular!’ Onto the white rectangle as well as a cobweb on two of the corners. I coloured in the words with the colour Mandarin.

Badbce97 40 F8 4975 8 Bc9 087 Bf58 Bea2 B

201593 F1 D8 F4 4172 802 D Ca2 Dac91 D09 E

2 Cd9 Ff24 41 E7 45 Da 85 D2 Bc62 D1 B4 De5 B

5 F01 Ad2 F 4378 4 Ab5 8 Fc9 D5 Cb177 Ff0 B6

The final step is again optional, I chose to apply some embossing powders to the cobwebs, you can never have enough glitter!

For this I used my embossing buddy and dabbed it over the card to ensure that the powder doesn’t stick anywhere else. Once I’d done this I blew away the excess powder and using the Wow! embossing pen i hand drew over the cobwebs and poured the embossing powder over the ink making sure it was fully covered. You then tip off the excess and tap the card a few times to ensure it was only on the ink, you then use the heat tool to heat up the powder until it sets up.

Ff985 E9 D 17 C3 4 F96 9 Dc8 58 Ee06 Cf840 D

2 C12546 D 7 B0 B 46 B2 9410 Ea6 D9 B895 Fc5

A1 D9 F910 324 E 4 Dc4 Af56 9 Caf485 Adc0 C

Eacb8912 318 C 48 F2 Af1 D 3 Affcbfda869

And there we have it, a super cute Halloween inspired Voodoo Doll Card!

Acd01 C5 A 2 Bdd 47 Db Aa2 A 2605 Babf341 B


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