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Posted on 2nd October 2017 by Sylvia Ames
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Embossing Diffuser Tutorial 23

Hello, Sylvia here with a tutorial using embossing diffusers.  Sizzix make two sets of diffusers but if you want a particular shaped aperture you can make your own by using extra thick card and shaped dies.  The diffusers allow you to make the most of your embossing folders by creating areas without embossing, or embossing just a small area of a folder.

The diffusers come with a template and insert shape, both can be used as I will show you in the tutorial.

Embossing Diffuser Tutorial 1

To make the basic cards you will need:

Embossing Diffuser Tutorial 6

Embossing Diffuser Tutorial 4

To use the diffuser first place your card in the embossing folder, place the diffuser on the embossing folder and fasten with masking tape to stop it moving.  I used an A4 folder and embossed two panels but it is the same principle for a smaller folder.

Embossing Diffuser Tutorial 10

Run the folder and diffuser through a cutting machine to emboss.  It may take a few attempts to find the ideal sequence of plates to use for your particular cutting machine.  I used the Big Shot and found it best to leave out the bottom cutting pad.

Embossing Diffuser Tutorial 5

Remove the card from the folder to reveal the embossed card with the plain diffused area.  The embossed card can now be used for making your cards by cutting to size, stamping, decorating and mounting onto card blanks.

Embossing Diffuser Tutorial 7

To emboss just a small area of the folder use the insert shape.  Follow the same procedure as before but place the insert shape over the area you wish to emboss and fastening it with tape.

Embossing Diffuser Tutorial 26

The embossed area can be left plain or highlighted with inks or chalks and used to make up a card.

Embossing Diffuser Tutorial 18

The plain area can be stamped with an image or die cuts can be used as in the two cards below.  This is something a little different I do hope this gives you some inspiration to try this technique.

Embossing Diffuser Tutorial 17

Embossing Diffuser Tutorial 15

Have you started your Christmas cards yet?  I have made a start with these cards but still have lots to do.  Don't forget to let us see what you are making with papermilldirect card by posting your makes on the facebook page or on instagram.

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