The Benefits of Using Coloured Envelopes in Your Business


Posted on 14th April 2018 by Emily
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In a direct marketing campaign the envelope is the first thing that people see and can be the difference between the contents being read or going into the bin. Before your recipient has a chance to read this information, they must first open the envelope and coloured envelopes will help you get higher open rates.

Coloured envelopes are more likely to be opened that white or brown envelopes due to human curiosity. Using a professional and colourful envelope has been proven to have a 40% bigger success rate than a plain envelope. Statistics show that a coloured envelope is nine times more likely to be opened than a plain white or manilla one.

The presentation is key in a creative direct marketing campaign as millions of envelopes are delivered to households every day and in order for your envelope to be opened it needs to stand out. 

Although coloured envelopes may cost more than white and manilla envelopes the benefits of using these envelopes will outweigh the cost. 

You are probably overlooking one of the most effective forms of marketing - the envelope!

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Choosing the right coloured envelopes for your business can be made easier by linking to your brand colours. This will reinforce your brand identity and associate your brand with these colours. Whilst we don't want to make any blanket rules about the emotions associated with different colours, there are some typical reactions to think about when choosing the colours of your envelopes to use in your marketing and branding:


– can evoke excitement and can seem bold; often used by food and beverage companies.

Red Envelopes


– can represent trustworthiness and strength; often used by tech companies.

Blue Envelopes


– conveys optimism and warmth; used by companies such as Nikon, IKEA and CAT.

Yellow Envelopes


– can feel peaceful and represent health; often used by companies associated with the environment, such as John Deere.

Green Envelopes


– feels friendly and cheerful; used by companies such as Amazon, Fanta and Papermilldirect!

Orange Envelopes


– can represent luxury or creativity; used by companies such as Cadbury, Yahoo! and Aussie.

Purple Envelopes


– offers balance and neutrality; used by trusted brands such as Apple, Wikipedia and a number of car manufacturers.

Grey Envelopes

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