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Posted on 10th November 2017 by Sylvia Ames
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Triangle Star Card Tutorial 11

Hi, Sylvia here with a triangal star fold card tutorial. For the Christmas card you will need a 12" x 12" piece of card, the Papermilldirect 12" x 12" card packs come in a vast array of colours and are available in packs of 10 or 20 sheets.

The tree decoration can be cut from an A4 sheet of card cut down to 18cm x 18cm. 

Triangle Star Card Tutorial 3

To make the card you will need:

Triangle Star Card Tutorial

Start by trimming the 12" x 12" card to 30cm x 30cm square. Find the center of the top edge of the card and mark with pencil, draw a faint line downwards roughly 5cm (yellow line on diagram above).

Take the ruler and measure 30cm from the bottom left-hand corner up to the line at the center top and draw a faint line from top to bottom, repeat on the right hand side. The two lines should meet, forming a triangle (black lines on diagram above). Cut out the triangle.

Continue by marking the center point on each side of the triangle, and draw faint lines from one side to the other to form the center triangle (red line on diagram above), which is the base of the card.

Triangle Star Card Tutorial 4

The next measurement forms the star shape on the outside of the card. Measure 5cm each side of the center on each straight edge. Draw a faint line across each point from one mark to the other (green line on diagram above). Score the lines drawn on the card, valley fold for the center and mountain fold for the outer lines.

Triangle Star Card Tutorial 2

Erase the pencil marks before decorating the card with patterned paper, I printed a digital paper onto white linen paper. Stick paper to the card adding some to the outer central border too, or you will get plain card showing when you fasten the card.

Stamp a greeting on the inside and decorate the outer triangles with dies, flowers or stamps of your choice.

Triangle Star Card Tutorial 5

To close the card overlap the flaps and gently press closed.

Triangle Star Card Tutorial 9

To make the tree decoration cut an A4 sheet of card to 18cm x 18cm. Follow the same process, measuring 3cm to form the fold for the star points. A chocolate coin or similar flat treat can be placed inside the star and a ribbon attached for hanging on the tree.

Triangle Star Card Tutorial Main

I hope you try this lovely shaped card, and don't forget we love to see what you make with Papermilldirect card.

Sylv xx

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