Trending Wedding Colours of 2018


Posted on 23rd May 2018 by Emily
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Choosing the colour scheme for your wedding is a big task, it is the key to enforcing the style and theme of your wedding. A colour scheme is a great way to incorporate your own personal style into your wedding day. A colour pallet best fits a wedding theme when the venue is taken into consideration as it is all about complimenting the surroundings. 


A blue colour theme for a wedding is great for every season and never goes out of fashion no matter how wedding colour palette trends change. From pale pastel shades to vibrant strong colours, you’ll have plenty of choice for your wedding theme with the colour blue.

Blue Theme


Greens paired with neutral colours create a rustic natural theme for a wedding. Standing out and making a statement, the colour green is the perfect colour to make your wedding pop. Using minimal greenery and green statement pieces will make your wedding be on trend this season. 

Green Theme


Soft feminine neutral colours are really current right now and represent a modern take on romance. The use of organic, natural materials and textures is the perfect way to add depth and freshness to your wedding theme. 

Peach Theme

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