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1. The first known paper envelope is dated back to between 3,500 to 3,200 B.C in China.

2. The first envelope-making machine was patented in Britain by Edwin Hill and Warren De La Rue.

3. Window envelopes were originally called “outlook envelopes".

4. To know if paper sizes will fit into an envelope swap the A for a C. For example, A6 Paper will fit into a C6 envelope.

5. If you put a stamp on an envelope with the queen’s head upside down it is consider to be an act of treason. 

6. All envelopes were handmade until 1840, with each one being separately cut to the suitable shape out of a sheet of paper.

7. The three most common seals on envelopes are; peel and seal, gummed and self-seal.

8. Traditional envelopes are usually cut from paper into three shapes; a rhombus, a kite or a short-arm cross. 

9. The three most common types of envelopes these are: pocket, banker and wallet.

10. Papermilldirect envelopes are most commonly used for wedding stationery.

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