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The design of your letterhead is there to showcase the content you want you recipient to read. A well-designed letterhead will frame your message beautifully but won’t distract your reader's attention.

1. Keep It Simple

The design of any letterhead should make way for the contents of the letter, therefore keeping it simple is the best solution. You don’t want to divert attention away from the message you are trying to deliver. The design of your letterhead is there to showcase the message you are trying to deliver.

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2. Pick a Theme and Run with It

Picking a theme for your letterhead can be hard, focusing on getting the smaller elements right first is a great way to develop your theme. Start with colour, your logo or the layout of your letterhead. Once you have a theme use this across all your business stationery to create a uniform and professional look and feel. This will also help to reinforce your brand's identity and raise brand awareness as potential clients and customers will start to recognise your brand.

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3. Represent your Brand

Considering your business branding is key when designing your company's letterhead, you want to create a consistent brand image and make your reader aware of who the sender is. It is not just about using the logo that represents your brand, you need to examine your colour scheme, fonts and imagery which should all reflect your business branding.

4. Don’t be Afraid to Use Colour

Colour is one of the most effective ways to catch your reader's attention. Information in colour is found up to 80% faster than in black and white, so colour is a great way to communicate with your reader. Using a shot of colour can really make you stand out from your competitors and is also great for setting the tone of how your readers view your contents.

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5. Use The Right Paper and Card

You could have the best letterhead design in the world but if it is not printed on high-quality paper or card you will not be making as much impact as possible. The weight of the paper and card you are using should be taken into consideration, the higher the GSM of the card and paper the more luxurious your letterhead will feel.

Using textured paper and card to print your letterhead design on is a great way to add depth to your stationery, our range of Linen and Hammered textured paper and card are perfect to achieve this.

The same paper and card should also be used across all your business stationery to help achieve a uniformed look and feel.

Papermilldirect has a great range of high-quality paper and card available in a range of sizes, styles, finishes, weights and colours.

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