The benefits of using coloured envelopes in your direct mail


Posted on 19th May 2018 by Emily
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Colour has a huge psychological impact on your direct mail marketing readers. Colour is what people notice about an envelope first, even before they see who it’s addressed to. Subconsciously when a customer receives a coloured envelope they are more responsive which results in a higher open rate, "People are 55% more likely to pick up a full-colour piece of mail first."

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"Colour captures attention, enhances productivity,improves communications and helps boost sales."

Colour is a nonverbal form of communication and carries meaning through association.

In the 90 seconds it takes to form an opinion of an object, 80 of those seconds will be about the colour. 90% of consumers make quick judgements about products based on their colour and 84% say colour is the main reason they buy products. 

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Colour Statistics

  • "Colour can increase learning & retention up to 78%."
  • "Colour is 80% more likely to be read than black and white."
  • "Information in colour is found up to 80% faster than black and white."
  • "Colour makes an impression that is 39% more memorable."
  • "Colour increases readers’ attention spans and recall by 82%."
  • "Colour emphasises critical information and conveys a sense of professionalism."
  • "Colour helps sell up to 80% more. "
  • "Colour can improve brand recognition by up to 80%."

Papermilldirect has a great range of coloured envelopes available for all of your direct mail campaigns. We have C6, C5, DL and Square envelopes.

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