Selling Handmade Cards - Don’t forget to add your contact details!


Posted on 27th November 2012 by Papermilldirect
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Selling  Handmade  Cards Adding Contact Details

How to Package Handmade Cards: Contact Details

One of the great things about selling your handmade cards is that you know the buyer will be passing it on to a loved one, friend or family member - sharing your work. For a craftsman or artist this is like having someone personally recommend your work. Take full advantage by ensuring that your company contact details are clearly displayed on the reverse of the card.

What to write on the back of a handmade card

Contact Details

If you want to keep it brief on the back just having a web address is the best idea - an email address is then not necessary as anyone interested in your cards will quickly be able to find out all they need to know. A simple sticker will do and these can be easily and fairly inexpensively printed.

A brief artists bio

Often when you turn a card over there is a little brief bio of the artist / designer. It's not only a great way to get your name seen by the recipient of a card it's also great at a fair or market when a person picks up a card and can read the little blurb on the back about you. These small details can really make the difference if someone is deciding on a greetings card or pack of Christmas cards. Take care if you are printing this yourself that the text is legible and it's not too long. Look at the back of shop bought art cards for ideas.


Often the reverse of the card will have the designers logo - again you could print this or use stickers, this is a great way to get a branded feel to your cards and tie them in with your website and social media marketing.

How the card is made

You could also add a few details about the materials used, for example if made on Papermilldirect card you can add that the card has been produced in the UK. Or if you were using recycled materials you can add a little line about this. Again these details add context to the card and the recipient may be intrigued to find out more about your work online. All of these ideas are regularly used on the reverse of greetings cards, but be careful that the information is clear. Also take into account any extra time it takes you to add on this info and the cost of the printing. Whilst marketing is a great idea, it needs to be within your budget - a simple address label sticker may be enough!

Card Inserts - another marketing opportunity

Packaging a card in cello wrap not only allows you to add a branded sticker but also gives you the option to add a simple printed insert. It could be a business card or just a little flyer to tell the buyer more about your handmade card business and encourage future sales. You could even include a few good images of your other designs along with your web address clearly shown. If you don't have a website adding a facebook fan page address would work equally well - just make sure you have completed all of your profile information so they know how to get in touch and order further cards.

What do you write or print on the reverse of your handmade greetings cards?

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