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Prepare to dive into the colourful world of Sea Critter Cards! At Papermill Direct, we love taking inspiration from the world around us, and what better part of our planet to use for creativity than the sea?

So, get ready for an underwater journey where creativity meets fun; you’ll learn how to craft cards that draw playful inspiration from fascinating underwater creatures. Ideal both for gifting and quality bonding time with your children, these handcrafted cards are charming tokens of love crafted with care.

Why a Handcrafted Card From a Child is Much More Meaningful Than a Store-Bought Card

Handcrafted Sea Critter cards are cherished mementoes that add a personal touch and showcase a child’s creativity. These cards, inspired by fascinating underwater creatures, hold sentimental value due to the time, effort, and thought invested in creating them.

Crafting these artistic keepsakes allows children to develop various skills, such as fine motor abilities and creative thinking. At the same time, it offers a unique opportunity for adults to bond with children while making the cards together.

As leading providers of card making supplies, of course we believe handcrafted cards are the way forward! But if you’re still having doubts, let’s explore how you can turn this into an exciting learning experience for children, whether you’re a teacher looking for a creative way to teach your class or a parent searching for something fun to do this weekend.

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How to Make Crafting Sea Critter Cards an Exciting Experience for Children

If you’re looking to make this more of an exciting learning experience, then there are so many things you can do before the time comes to get crafty. For example, why not set the mood by reading books about sea animals or watching relevant nature documentaries? This will help spark some inspiration for creating the cards but will also teach them more about what they’re crafting!

Or, if you really want to dive into this craft, you could even take a trip to your local aquarium. This is an excellent idea for both parents and teachers, and will allow kids (and adults!) to get involved in the crafting session by exploring, learning and getting inspired by the marine wildlife. They can see the sea critters and other fish first-hand, understanding their structures, shapes, colours, and the habitat they live in.

During the visit, let children take pictures of their favourite sea creatures or even encourage them to sketch or take notes about their observations. Once you’re home or back in the classroom, sit together to discuss your experience and the ideas they’ve gained from it. Then, they can use their sketches, notes, and photographs as references for their Sea Critter Card!

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Creating an Immersive Craft Session

Now, it’s time to get set up for your crafting session! Here are a few tips and tricks to consider before we get stuck in on the ‘how-to’ section of today’s blog:

  • Raw Materials: Collect all the basic art and craft supplies, such as coloured card paper, glue, markers, scissors, etc (we’ll give you a complete list later on). Ensure all materials are safe for the children to use.
  • Setting up the Crafting Area: Arrange for a clear, clean space to set up the crafting materials.
  • Set the Immersive Mood: This is where the fun begins. Pop on The Little Mermaid or Shark Tale, get a bubble machine going, and set out some underwater-themed snacks and drinks.
  • Use Notes and Drawings from Aquarium Visit or Reading/Watching Session: Encourage each participant to use what they have learnt to start crafting their favourite sea creature. Offer help when needed.

Remember, the goal is not just to craft cards but also to make the whole experience a great learning opportunity. Make it as interactive and engaging as possible, which will enhance their craft skills, inspire their creativity, and build fond memories.

How to Create Your Sea Critter Card

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So, it’s time to reveal all as we delve into how you can create your Sea Critter Card. But first, you’ll need materials! Here are the products we used to create this design:

Once you’ve gathered your materials, it’s time to get crafting!

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First, die cut the stripe cover plate die using White Card Super Smooth 250gsm and a piece of Celestial Blue Plain Card 290gsm.

B507334 C 81 A9 419 D B271 FF4 A927 D1124 6d8c103760be20893b03e2d32c1a6872

Next, adhere the blue card over the white piece and then adhere this to the card base.

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Using the Royal Green, Powder Green, and Xmas Red Pure Pearl Card, die-cut the seaweed pieces. Then go ahead and die-cut quite a few to build up the bottom part of your card. It’s important to note that if you’re crafting with children, it might be a good idea to get this part done as part of the prep, as die-cutting can be dangerous for little fingers!

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Now, stamp out the images and colour them in with your copic markers. Stay true to the sea creature’s colours, or go crazy with colour; it’s up to you!

E17 B014 D 46 C9 420 A 83 B2 CC3 B82 B245 F3 6d8c103760be20893b03e2d32c1a6872

Once you’ve coloured in the images, adhere the seaweed to the bottom of your card.

FCBEBA61 2 E75 4 A8 C A107 96 B96 BB0 D460 6d8c103760be20893b03e2d32c1a6872

On a piece of the Navy Plain Card, heat embosse the sentiment with white embossing powder and add this to the card. And then you’re done!

Who Are These Cards Best For?

If you’ve enjoyed this craft and are looking for any excuse to get creative with these cards, we have a few ideas! There are plenty of different ways you can customise your Sea Critter Card and send them out on all occasions:

  • Party Invites: Imagine finding Nemo in your mailbox! Give a “Shell-o” with a whimsical underwater-themed party invite like “Whale, aren’t you coming for the party?”
  • Birthday Cards: Isn’t receiving a Sea Critter birthday card just “Fin-tastic”? Spice it up with a message like, “Here’s to more years of swimmingly great adventure!”
  • Thank-You Cards: Expressing gratitude is always in style, but add a dash of fun with a sea-themed thank-you card. Puns like “You’re a lifesaver!” make any note reel-y special.
  • Just Because Cards: Sometimes we want to reach out just because. Sea Critter cards with a message like “For a whale of a friend” surely create ripples of joy.

Consider these marine-themed gems a way not just to communicate but to truly connect. Offering more than your average card, they add a touch of whimsy that brings smiles and unforgettable memories. Let’s dive in together, shall we? Because the real treasure is not only in the message but also in the heart-warming delivery!

For more fun and creative ideas, head over to our blog and don’t forget you can always get in touch if you have a question about our products or about crafting – we’re always happy to help.


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