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Diy Wedding Stationery Save The Date Card Ideas

Are you planning on making your own Save the Date cards?

Wedding stationery is, naturally a vital part of your upcoming nuptials.  However, it's more than just communicating a time and a place, wedding stationery enables you to set the tone of the wedding from the very first moment you send out your save the date cards. In our latest series, we're offering advice to engaged couples looking to create their own unique wedding stationery. the great thing about making your own wedding stationery is that you can create something truly unique at a fraction of the cost.

Save The Date Calendar Idea

This calendar style save-the-date is beautiful

In this post we are looking at creating bespoke Save the Date cards and exactly what you should include and when you you need to send them.

Save the Date Etiquette

What is a Save the Date card?

A Save the Date is an informal, brief invitation containing at least the date and location of your wedding, to ensure that your guests have plenty of time to make arrangements to travel to the wedding. 

Save The Date Fridge Magnet

What a brilliant idea - they can stick this save-the-date on their fridge! Save the Date Fridge Magnet

Why send a Save the Date card?

People use Save the Date cards for a number of reasons, most often when the wedding is abroad or for guests who are coming from overseas and will need much more notice to book time off work, arrange flights etc. Save the date cards are usually sent around 6 to 9 months in advance of the formal wedding invitation, but there isn't any hard and fast rule.

People who are planning exotic overseas weddings may give guests much more notice to ensure friends and family have time to save and perhaps think about incorporating the big day into a part of their annual family holiday.  

With formal wedding stationery etiquette, you would not send the actual invite any earlier than 3 months prior to the wedding.  This is perhaps one of the reasons that the practice of sending a save the date card has emerged in recent years. It is your wedding, so don't feel overly constrained by formal etiquette. If you'd rather send the full formal invite instead of a Save the Date card, that's fine! You could also send the Save-the-date as a group email if postage costs are an issue.

Pencil Us In Save The Date

A great pun, guests will be sure to remember a Save the date like this one! Pencil Us In

What to include in your Save the Date card?

No matter how adventurous you are with the design, you will still need to include certain details. You can always print any additional text needed on the reverse.

The date!

Make sure it is really clear, even if you have used an image to convey the date. 

Save The Date Photo

Who it is for

People will want to know if the invitation includes their children or a plus 1. It's hard to make travel arrangements when you don't know if the invitation is for 1 or 4 people! You can include the names of those invited on the invitation envelope.

The location

Ideally the town/city, people will make a decision based not only on whether they are free but also if they have the funds available to travel. Include the name of the venue only if you have a firm booking. You needn't include this until the formal invitation if you want to keep text brief. If you want only very close friends and family staying at the wedding venue (especially any with small children) it can be useful not to include the venue until your special guests have all booked their rooms, or until you have arranged a group booking.

Overseas Save The Date Idea

This Save the date couldn't be clearer that the wedding is overseas! Overseas save the Date idea

Formal Invitation to Follow

Include a line to say the formal invitation will be sent nearer the time so they know don't need to RSVP at this stage. This saves on unnecessary emails and calls from guests.

Evening or daytime guest?  

Most people will only send Save the Dates to their daytime guests.  Evening guests should not normally be asked to travel long distances.  If you do plan on sending to all of your guests, or you have evening guests that will be travelling and need to arrange their accommodation, include the words 'evening invite to follow'.

Basic example text:

Please Save the Date
For the marriage of
Keith Edwards and Janet Cooper 
Saturday 24th June 2017
Invitation to Follow

tying the know save the date

This save the date literally ties a knot as the recipient opens it up - very clever!  Tying the Knot Save the Date Idea

Design Ideas for Save the dates

Save the Date cards don't need to match your formal wedding stationery. They could be as simple as a standard postcard, in recent years however it's become the custom to send something fun out to your friends and family. Enjoy the process of designing and creating something memorable and unique for your guests. Bespoke and handmade Save the Date's are a great way to make people smile! 

Have you designed a save the date card - we'd love to see yours, or leave a link to your online shop if you sell bespoke handmade wedding stationery.  You may be interested in our guide to starting a wedding stationery business.

We have collected together a Pinterest board full of wonderful ideas for save the date cards to send.



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