Sapphire Gem Gift Box


Posted on 28th January 2022 by Samantha Burrow
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Open Cricut Design Space and select New Project to take you to the design canvas. Click on the Images button and search for image ID #MFAA64DD, this will bring up the basic diamond box template, click Add to Canvas.

In the Layers panel, select the template shape and change the colour to a navy blue. Then select the diamond cut out and change to a lighter shade of blue.

2 C8427 Bf 8705 4797 84 D1 Afd419 B9 C746

For the larger gift box, I resized to a width of 11”, for smaller table top favour boxes, I resized to a width of 6”.

When you’re happy with your design, click Make It and follow the on-screen instructions to cut the box template. Remembering the colour of your boards on screen relate to your card colours not the actual cutting mats.

3 E09 Af52 49 F8 40 Cf 8 Ec6 752450 C36502

Using glue or double-sided sticky tape stick the two diamond cutouts to the box template sides. Fold along the score lines and secure the flaps. Once set, add some finishing touches with matching tissue paper.

496 A2298 52 E3 4 A55 B019 F5 D0 Ca64 Fb37

14467 F30 655 E 4 A40 B521 21 A82 Db05184

994 Cf1 D8 8 Ffa 4 Ec0 9 C52 Badd79 A477 C1

E1643 Cf1 4 D11 4 Fac 9 F3 E 2 Bca40739 F99


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