Rudolph Chocolate Holders


Posted on 11th December 2023 by Papermill Direct
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Rudolph group

What you'll need:
A4 Brown Card - Latte Brown Card 220gsm
Alternative Brown Card - Rustic Fleck Kraft Card 220gsm
Silhouette Cameo
Double Sided Tape

It's that time of year when everyone is handing out cards with warm wishes for the season!
We thought wanted to add a sweet treat to go with our festive wishes and who better to offer that up than Rudolph himself!

1. To start I found a reindeer image that I liked, the one used in the images can be purchased from Etsy: as an SVG file

3. Once I had the outline of the Reindeer I deleted the original circle for Rudolph's nose.
I measured a Lindt Chocolate against my cutting mat and then created a circle that would align better with the chocolate from that measurement.

3. I then copied the image with the new circle nose and mirrored it vertically before lining it up against the first image.

3 line drawing

4. Using the line tool I added a middle section in between the two Rudolph images.

5. I then selected both Rudolph images plus the two lines and converted these into one image

6. After this I could break the path for the Rudolph images and connect the lines. I shortened the chin line to ensure a sturdier base but kept most of the line in place so that Rudolph still had a chin.

7. For Rudolph's antlers I copied the image but deleted everything barring the antlers and added lines the their base.

8. I then sent my image to cut, I used the Glitter Card Settings on my Silhouette as I find this setting cuts the best for me.

Send to cut

9. Once Rudolph was cut out I added a little message and some double-sided tape to the inside. I lined up my Lindt chocolate to make sure the circle I had made was large enough and then pressed the two sides together to secure the chocolate in place.
10. To finish I added the antlers in an alternative brown to Rudolph's face

Add tape

I then made several more in varying shades of brown and dropped them off with all the members of the Papermilldirect Team!

Happy Holidays everyone (:

Reindeer group

Group photo


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